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Paul HuntPaul Hunt

In the early 60's Paul Hunt shaped surfboards in his Huntington Beach Surf Shop. Advertisements for his boards were run in the first SURFER magazine. He made all of Jack’s surfboards for the first two years Jack's was in business. Paul's shop was three doors down from Jack'ss on PCH. Paul also ghost shaped a number of boards for other board makers including Dale Velzy, Gordie, Interisland and Greg Noll.

Paul claims to be the first boardmaker to wholesale surfboards, his clients ran from Ski ‘n Dive to Abercrombie and Fitch in N.Y. He ended up making over two thousand surfboards but not all under his own name.

Paul's attention turned to filmmaking, his first partner in films was Ed Depriest. He was shaping for Greg Noll where he ran into Ed (Ed was shooting all of Greg’s films along with his own, "Ride on the Wild Side" and many more).

Paul recalled Jan, '62 when you could see the swells all the way to the horizon at Wiamea and it got bigger and bigger until the entire bay closed out. What a day that was! Surfers that day included Mickey Dora, Greg Knoll. Phil Edwards, Pat Curren, Jose Angel, Buzzy Trent, Ricky Grigg, Paul Hunt
Rincon when every well known surfer, even Hap Jacobs was there and the pure glass waves outside were 12+ with a good ride being at least a 1/4 mile. Unbelievable. Both those days are in a lot of films and stills.

Paul Hunt resides in Redondo Beach CA,

Paul will be offering a very limited edition of his shapes with period stringer setups. heck him out!

Paul Hunt Limited Edition Collectors Surfboards

Paul Hunt's Feature Films

Paul Hunt began making films in 1965 under the pseudonym H.P. Edwards. His first film was The Psychedelics (1966), followed by Blow the Man Down (1968), "Jefferson Hotel" (1966), "Sweet Smoke" (1967) and 60+ others. He was also the cinematographer and editor on most of them. His company, Canyon Films, became one of the largest distributors of underground films in America (future director Lewis Teague was at that time running the Cinematèque in Hollywood where Hunt's films debuted). Under his pseudonym Hunt worked for directors such as Bethel Buckalew, William Rotsler, Gary Graver, Manuel Conde, Lee Frost and others as a cinematographer, gaffer, sound recordist and editor.

The first film produced in his own name was Surfari (1967), a surfing docudrama starring Ricky Grigg. He also has headed up Pacific International Pictures Inc., Filmmakers International Releasing Inc. and still heads United Filmmakers Inc. In 1970 he began working with Orson Welles on The Other Side of the Wind (1972) and continued to work with him on all his films (Vérités et mensonges (1974), The Magic Show (1983) (TV)) until Welles' death in 1985. During that time he served as Welles' production manager, gaffer, sound recordist, actor and editor. He was also the director of photography in India (produced by Ismail Merchant) and The Netherlands (produced by himself) on Mata Hari (1985), directed by David Carradine, starring Calista Carradine, Bruce Carradine and Nikolai van der Heyde (the Dutch director). He also worked with Stanley Kubrick, John Huston, Frank Marshall, Don Siegel, Claude Chabrol, Paul Mazusky, Curtis Harrington, Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and many others. Still Heads United Filmmakers Inc. and The Troy Studios ( ) email:

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