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SurfingHeritageFoundation.orgAndy Anderson associated with the Surfing Heritage Foundation has undertaken the hurculean task of documenting all surfboard companies and shapers, "The Stoked n Board Project". Surfcrazy / Stanleys is devoted to the art of the surfboard logo. Andys research is extensive listing owners, shapers, glassers, sanders, years of opperation number of boards produced, models etc. Surfcrazy / Stanleys has joined forces with Andy sharing images and info. All images submitted and uploaded to the library will be forwarded to Andy for inclusion into his vast undertaking. Help fill in the gaps of knowledge regarding any surboard label. Looking for owner / shapers names, dates, locations, eyewitness - personal accounts etc. Send logos in .jpg, .gif, .png formats for best results. email: mike at surfcrazy


Sims SurfboardThe Saga of Tom Sims Surfboard

Here's one I think you don't have yet...Sims Twin fin fish..glass job, glasscraft by Bob Hakkenson out of Santa Barbara .....airbrushed by Banie tsao .....shaped by R. Sleigh... So, Sims made surfboards? Hmmm.


ED REPLY: Wow. First one I ever saw. A rare one for sure! Thank You for sending. My buddy Mike Nash a Brooks Institute Photo grad shot the first ad for Sims Skateboards, pre snowboard.

Chaz reply: That's awesome! Y'know, I looked at the logo with a jewelers loop and it looks to be pinstriped on, hand-painted under the glass on the foam which is interesting so it's not an actual decal it's hand scribed with a very steady hand...anyway I don't know anything else about it right now, but if I find anything I'll pass that along to you...thanks for getting back to me Charley Benton...PS you think your friend Mike Nash might know if Sims ever tried a surfboard company? Looks like he made one, anyway....Be interesting info...

ED NOTE: more story to come :)


Hey there! Thank you so much for your amazing surf logo library! I have come across an old Titan surfboard that I am trying to restore, and it has a logo that I haven't seen anywhere online or in books; it's older than the wind n sea pictured in your surf library, and features just the text but in the same font. I'm wondering if you know the logo I'm talking about, or if you possibly have a picture of it; the logo is in sad shape and I'm trying to repair it before I finish glassing the board. I know you can order different logos and things from your shop, but I'm not sure how it works . . . but even a digital version of the logo would help me out a lot. Alternately, I'm wondering if there's any way to get a hold of the wind n sea logo from off your website, but at a higher resolution than what you've posted. Please let me know, and thanks again for all your hard work and dedication to preserve these memories!

Be well! e.

ED: This Logo Library is for reference only, All images are owned by creators, shapers, fiberglassers, purchasers of artwork for their business and or companies. Images of deceased shapers, builders and shop ownersers are owned by the Heirs. I do not print laminates any longer. I do create custom logos and know a great local screenprinter for production of logos.

The Titan i believe is a mass produced pop out surfboard. Restoring any old board is not a good idea, reduces value and collectability. If your going to ride it, restore on ! :) Thank you for the kind words.



Stanleys Wine List

- WOW -


help found board I really liked with seagull ? tropic bird as insignia. Shaper's name could not be read but started with an O. Any idea who it might be?

Thanks Peter

ED: Please send a picture of logo or check letter "O" gallery :)



ok here we go 2014: Do you know how old my board is and what it is worth? Rob

Robert Remin


ED NOTE late 60's maybe? Value is totally subjective but i'd give you 100USD for it :)


Hey Mikey! Happy New Year buddy! Hope yours is off to a great start! Mine started off pretty cool when an old friend, Doug Miller, found and sent me some old surf shots and photos from the Topanga Store (I thought they were all lost forever!). I thought I would send them on to you and Surf Crazy to share the fun! I still check in from time to time and still hear from friends who discover your site! Have you heard from John Matthews of Malibu Surf Legends recently? He has a lot of pic’s, old and new, of the 70’s/80’s Valley days! And one in particular that I know you would love with Glenn Kennedy as a teenager in the shaping room with a young Robbie Dick! Great photo! (If he won’t send it I will!) Well… hope you like these shots! Talk to you soon. Thanks for the stuff you send me from time to time… It’s always good hearing from you! Cere!
unknown surfboard logoED: Here's an unknown Surfboard logo we can't identify. Looks like NAT YOUNG logo but we think not. Origin may be Europe or South America. Anybody?

Wallace Surfboards AUSHi, Just thought I'd send you a picture of the logo on my 1967 8' 2" Wallace. I have never seen this particular one before.

Regards, Carl Boardman

ED NOTE: Looks like a clean vintage AUS V Bottom :) Thanks for sending!


Cliff Wallick Blast SurfboadsHi, I am writing in re: to the Blast logo/label in question on a surfboard. I do know the man. He is Cliff Wallick, owner and artist of Blast logo/label from 1988-2004 and proudly manufactured in Huntington Beach, CA. He's da man and is still loving life in the water. His most recent baby is Contiki SUP. Blast Surfboards...

Pic is 1988 The first two boards made under my Label. Art by Cliff Wallick.

Linda Davis


Screaming Lizards Surfboards AUSHi there I have recently come across this board (Screaming Lizards AUS) someone was throwing out and couldn't find any info anywhere about it or the designer and was hoping you could help I have more photos if needed

Thanks Bindi

ED: Thanks for sending logo, Anyone have details?


Val surf 1962Subject: Logos Here's a few of our logos including the original one that we opened with back in 1962. Today we can honestly say that we are the oldest surf-skate-snow shop in the world that is still owned and operated by the same family.

That's quite a site. Bob Harlow sent me the link. That picture of Stanley's makes me weep. My wife's family had a house at Sea Cliff and I used to surf there all the time. My father in law was the only one that was fighting the oil companies on that off/on ramp that destroyed the coast there. Really sad. ED NOTE: Please see: http://surfcrazy.com/stanleys/html/Valley%20Cowboys.html

That's a classic piece and very accurate! Thanks again.

Mark "Wally" Richards
:: Val Surf ::
P: 818 769-3337
F: 818 769-4318

ED NOTE: Thanks for sending Mark, will upload other logos asap.


Dear Sirs, I’m searching for an old 7’6” board I used to have….. Had the board in the 80”s, but it was a 70’s board (maybe, or earlier)…. Single fin, not a mal, a simple big board. The logos was an hexagonal shape with a topless girl inside the hex’ shape, the logo was simple and only a single line drawing, not a picture or full colour. I bought the board in Australia from a mate…. I have no idea if the board was made in Australia or not, I lived in Sydney, Cronulla. Just searching, and yr site came up, amazing site…

Regards Andrew
+61 419 782 796

ED NOTE: Anyone know?


UNITY SurfboardsI would like my logo included with your logo history. I have been shaping here in the "Pacifica" area since 1968. I make only custom order boards, both short and long. I don't know how many boards I have shaped. The early years were numbered the later years I used the date of the order.

"Wander Inn" represents a bar (demolished in '72) and surfspot at "Linda Mar" beach in Pacfica, Ca. To me "Wander Inn" is my "Wind and Sea," Having many "stories" and great surfers coming from this surf spot. Attached is my "logo."

Regards, Rick Eastman Wander Inn Surfboards Pacfica, Ca.

PS: The "Bear" is not part of the "logo." It goes on the bottom of board. It is part of the "logo" sheet.

ED NOTE: Thanks Rick ! Without submissions like these the library would not exist.


UNITY SurfboardsI found a Unity Surfboard that a little old women was throwing out. I can't find any information on the Internet to give me any background as far as age or where it's from. Can you help? Thanks

Ian Campbell

ED NOTE: Anyone have info?


Emerson SurfboardsI was wondering if you could help me out with a problem I'm having..I have a surf board I bought while I lived in Florida but moved to Dallas, TX where it has been rendered unusable. Needless to say I'd like to get rid of it. But unfortunately I have NO IDEA how much it costs. I've looked all over the Internet for something about this board ad haven't been able to find a single thing...except for you guys. You have a picture of the logo in your logo directory. It's an Emerson Surfboard. I've attached a picture of the logo and was hoping you could help me out since you guys are the only ones who seem to have any record of this brand existing. Thanks!



ED NOTE: Anyone have clues?

Wardy SurfboardsI'd learned that Drew Kampion started out as a "valley cowboy" some years ago. Drew, like you, is a good guy who welcomes and responds to emails. I am honored and flattered that you post my E-mails. Another observation: The San Fernando Valley is not the only hotbed of inland surfers. I once had an office in Pasadena, California. I was pleasantly surprised by all the great surfers in Pasadena. Pioneer surfboard designer Bob Simmons began designing and selling his famous surfboards from his Pasadena home. Wardie Surfboards had a big shop in Pasadena in the 1960's. The Surfrider Foundation started out in a small office on Mentor Street in Pasadena. Also, back in the 60s and early 70s, as you know, there were substantial, active surf clubs as far inland as the Antelope Valley and West Covina. Cere can take heart: I surfed more when I lived 30 miles from the ocean than I do now, living a mere 150 yards from it! Go figure. --Chris Anderson

valley cowboysI really enjoy checking into your website periodically. Glad to see the "valley boys" getting some of the credit they've long deserved. Back in the 1970s, the "shortboard revolution" was still raging. Cere Muscarella, with his advocacy of thick "totally flat bottom" planing surfboards was the design-theory opposite of Greg Liddle. Greg Liddle advocated thin, trimming, round-bellied, "displacement hull" surfboards. In my experience and opinion, Cere's boards worked well in grindy, hard-breaking beachbreaks whereas Greg Liddle's boards worked better in the softer-breaking point breaks that I personally preferred. Interestingly, Cere added rocker to his boards over time and Greg flattened out a lot of the belly on his boards over time. I used to wonder if they'd both eventually arrive at the same design. Surfer's Journal did an in-depth article about Greg Liddle a few years ago. Surfer's Journal should do the same for Cere! By the way, did you know that David Renson, author of the great Mickey Dora bio "All for a Few Perfect Waves" hails from the San Fernando Valley? Small world. Keep up all your good, facinating work. Great website.

Chris Anderson
Neptune Beach, Florida

ED NOTE: I agree Cere was an innovator in many respects. At the time I prefered hard edged downrailers with rocker, Jam a hard turn the rail would bite and shoot you up the face. I tried Greg's designs, a 6ft "tongue depressor" owned by "Cowboy" Bob Mardis, my agressive approach spun me out everytime. It was only later i understood the longboard go with flow approach it took to ride a Liddle. John Wojic was a master riding Greg's boards, featured in surfer mag at the time as the new kid ripping malibu. He shaped his own versions as well. one time he ripped glass off one of my shapes to reshape, he cut off the hard edged nose of my shape, nailed it to his shaping room wall :) I laughed as I reglassed the "Liddle" inspired clone for crazy Dave Clemet., I got revenge by drawing a cow on the bottom before glassing. Fun times !

I did'nt know about David Renson's roots :) Drew Kampion, another valley writer from the valley: http://www.surfingwalkoffame.com/culture/Drew_Kampion.html


Wow! I wonder what other things look like from higher perspectives like that! Pretty amazing observation and commentary! Want to hear something really freaky? One of the guys whose family comes to my church just bought a house in Galveston and is planning to bring his backyard board building to the next step… and I get to coach a little! I am stoked! I even located my old Rockwell hog! Now this could prove to be a great adventure developing new lines of design for the Gulf Coast. We sold a lot of boards here back in the 70’s, and that’s where the influence came from to soften up the rockers, but I really have some great ideas rolling around in my head for a little revolution! This just never goes away! And I love it! Thanks for forwarding the comment on to me Mike! Keep surfing and keep helping us to keep the fires burning!

Blessings Buddy! Cere!

PS: Me? I was just building surfboards… following my passion!


Bendiksen SurfboardHi there - I found your site while doing an internet search for the logo on my high school surfboard, which I have had since '82-'83. Bought it at a garage sale somewhere in the South Bay (Torrance/Redondo/Hermosa) for $4 and change (I didn't have the $5 they were asking). Attached above is a logo you do not seem to have, although you seem to have other logos by Dan Bendiksen, who shaped for Bing at one time. The board is a typical late '60's-early '70's gun, single glassed on fin, triple stringer. About 6'6" I think. Bad repairs at tail and nose (hence the price) but it got me in the water so I didn't care! If you can share anything about the board or shaper, I'd love to hear it! Thanks.

Cindy Duncan SB CA

ED NOTE: Anyone got info?


jacobs surfboards tt modelHere is a board that I was given about 4 years ago. Not in great shape, but a 7'6" round tail with a glassed in fin. I have not seen the logo TTJacobs before, so I send it to you. Keep up the good work.

Manny "Swampdog" Gratz

ED NOTE: A Wayne Rich creation maybe?


Into The Blue SurfboardsHello, We recently opened a surf shop in Panama City Beach, Florida. Into The Blue Surf and Sport is the only surf shop in Panama City Beach that is offering custom made hand-shaped surfboards. Rob Davis is the shaper and the glass work is done by Tom Stack. We would like to upload our logos to your logo library. I have attached out logo and railband to this email. If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Erik Gerace
Into The Blue Surf and Sport, LLC
4032 Thomas Drive, Suite C
Panama City Beach, FL 32408
(850) 588-7376

ED NOTE: Nice to see the surf shop culture still thriving expanding with new young blood. A surf shop is special. A meeting place of like minded souls. A place to talk story and make life long friends. Custom hand made surfoards are icing on the cake! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SHAPERS & SURF SHOP!


moss landing surfboardsHello Stanley Here is my Moss landing Surfboard logo we are in Central Calee 45 min.South of Santa Cruz.

Thanxs Erick Fallon


Velzey one color logoHi Mike, I've owned this board for ten years and just recently the unusual logo was brought to my attention. I'm looking for any info on this board and logo. Here's the board in question. It is 7 ' 5 1/2" x 22" with a 2" balsa stringer and a fins unlimited fin box Patent #3564632. On the deck it has a (surfboards by Dale Velzy) logo that is all black. All of the other oval Velzy logos I've seen only say (surfboards by Velzy) or (by Velsy and Jacobs) in red, white and black. The board has no numbers on it. I've been told that occasionally Dale did not number some boards because of tax problems? Could this be a under the radar transitional board from the early 70's ? Any help would be appreciated because I'm stumped.

Thank you,
Roger C. Wiberg

ED NOTE: Huh, no signature on foam. I know Velzy had tax troubles early on so your assumptions could be correct. The logo is unusual, I've never seen one like it. White rails look out of place, is bottom white too? Looks like white may be covering damage? Anyone know any details?


Randall SurfboardsI have two Randall surfboards, pictured, purchased in 1967 in Rockaway NJ , and found the logo on your website. I can find nothing on these boards. On the deck along the stinger are the numbers 738 and 747, one on each board. Any info out there someone can share? Great library site you have developed.

Kevin McCarthy <kdbigisland@aol.com>

ED NOTE: Thanx for kind words, wow those boards are MINT condition for 67'. Anyone have info?


uNKNOWN LOGOHi! I live in Peru and my boyfriendo bought a second-hand longboard, it has this logo on it, as a gift I would like to re-paint it but I was wondering what brand is it. Could you help me? Thanks a lot!!!

Rocío Morante Osores

ED NOTE: Anyone have a clue on this brand ?


Bob Cooper SurfboardsHere are a few more decals from over time for Cooper Surfboards. You already have many great ones here. Thanks for your collection.

Chris Cooper

Where you at Chris Aus?


HI Michael – Yes, I live at Noosa Heads here in Australia. Great place! Chris

omg you Bob's son? i surfed with him many times in 60's around ventura ca. i was a gremmie in awe of him!

And yes – I am son #2 of Bob Cooper. He is now 75. I just moved here to live with him. I was living in Singapore the last year. He is doing well, but stopped surfing just 3 years back. Still shapes, but is spending most of his time now writing, which is a great thing. He has amazing memory recall from that era. I think he was one of the few who was sober for most if it :-)

Chris Cooper

ED NOTE: Thanks Man! the more the better! The collection is a blast to host, thanks to ALL who contribute. This site would not exist without you all !




Bobby (Challenger) Thomas passed away: BOBBY THOMAS 1943-2012:


ED NOTE: Years ago after this site was launched Bobby and I emailed back and forth. I teased and bugged him finally asking " Come on really Bob? Your middle name is Challenger?" The DL image below was in my in box the next day...

Thanks Bobby "Challenger" Thomas shaper/owner of Challenger Surfboards. for emailing his drivers license. If you ever wondered, His middle name really is Challenger!

Bobby Thomas
Bob Thomas RIP


john arnold wayne lynchStanley, Emailing these photos and the story about this board I found just in case it's of interest to you. John Arnold Wayne Lynch Involvment 6'6". I'd like to learn more about this surfboard if I can; it was found behind a barn in Aptos, CA, near Santa Cruz. Either way, can you tell me anything else about this surfboard. Can you identify the year or manufacture? The shaper? Does the number or the penciled in Wayne Lynch signature mean anything? feel free to use these photos on your site if need be.


ED NOTE: Andy runs this project... "The Stoked n Board Project" Mike runs these sites: Surfcrazy / Stanleys. Can anyone help Nick with more info?


weber-unknownHi Andy, I've been looking at Stanleys logo resource online and I understand you provided much of the information, it's a great website - really enjoying checking out all the logo designs, what a cool visual history of surf branding.. I'm an Englishman who has just moved to Sydney, and although I've been surfing for a couple of years have found it very difficult to get out on the water regularly in the UK (live in London) so Sydney is an amazing place to properly learn the sport. Along with the Webber Pulse in the attached picture I also bought the board on the right. It is a 6'10, 22', 2'7/8 quad fin (futures boxed) but i cannot work out who made the board and was hoping you might be able to help. The only markings are the logo you can see and a "made in Australia' logo. Have you any idea who it is by?

Many thanks!
Geoff Parsons

ED NOTE: Andy runs this project... "The Stoked n Board Project" Mike runs these sites: Surfcrazy / Stanleys. Can anyone help identify Geoff's Quad?


cere shortieHey Buddy… Haven’t talked to you in a while! How are you doing? Surfing much lately? I am so jealous of you guys who get to go out anytime you want. Here the wait can seem endless. I have taken my board to the beach and never taken it out of the van. I have paddled out just for the sake of getting wet. Then I see pic’s from my coastal friends, tucking into the lip of an easy wave… not fair! Oh well… An old friend contacted me recently and shared a couple of pic’s that I thought I would pass along. 70’s shortboard, revolution stuff. None of them were longer than 5’2”, 23-24 inch wide twin fins, super thick for the paddle out. One with a scooped out deck to offset some of the buoyancy. We rode them in big Hollywood/Silver Strand. Many times at crazy 7th Jetty. Wish we still had those pic’s! Check out that decal! Definitely hippie influenced! Bahahaha! No comment on the hair and chops. Wow! Why did we ever think that was cool? Michael…
how did we survive those crazy weird times? Cere!

ED: heheh, love the hair, shampoo, shake head and go!


Hoven Surfboards Hi I was looking to find out some info on three boards and there shapers. One is a 6" McNeely with three glassed in fins. Another is a Hoven 6"7 with three glassed in fins. The third is a Robbie Dick 6"5 with three changeable fins. All three boards are damaged some dings and nose damage (post retirement) . They don't have any dates on them. Any info would be great. I was looking to possibly repair them.

Thanks -Devin

hansen surfboardsThanks Michael Willey for sending clean hansen logo lam pics!

Clubber SurfboardsI have a 1986 6'3" Clubber tri-fin shaped and signed by Chuck Hundley. It doesn't have any of the Clubber logos shown on your site but instead has the Clubber Cool Cat as the main logo with a jagged pink double stripe up one side of the deck and a double pale blue up the other side. I've never seen another with this logo and was told when I bought it that it was custom shaped for a local (Daytona Beach) pro that rejected it when it was finished. I was fortune enough to have access to the old Clubber shop on Seabreeze Ave. in Daytona when I was growing up and never saw a logo or design like this board any where else.

Josiah Van Newkirk

ED: Thanks Josiah!


Zella SurfboardsHi Guys, heres the logo for Zella Surfboards to add to your collection. Goodluck with it all!! Piles of Stoke.

Aaron Wordley
Zella Surfboards


in the stanleys decals area Under "M", On the MCG surfboards logos the name underneath sez MCD surfboards on both versions. please correct if possible

Kem mcNair

ED: opps! think i was drinking Miller at the time :)


I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about my surfboard it’s a 9’ Hokuloa by Gaylord made in Hawaii any and all information would be greatly appreciated my name is Robert my E=mail is robtwattts@gmail.com

ED NOTE: Anyone know?


Grace SurfboardsGreat site, thanks for the effort. I've recently obtained a 7'6" pintail from probably the 70's (?). It's in decent shape and will see the water again after some love. Is this an early Phil Grace board? Thx. PS I've got several other vintage boards with logos not in your archives. I'll try to get you some other pix. Escape for the weekend with Outback Adventures

No worries. I've left a message @ Quicksilver Central for Phil Grave to verify this dolphin logo is one of his old logos. Who knows if he'll answer ? Here are a few more pix. You have your work cut out for you. I've personally seen dozens of board makers not on your list.

Greek SurfboardsPS- The Greek spoon is for sale if you know of anyone that has recently come into an inheritance (-:

Ken <kayakpanama@juno.com>

Escape for the weekend with Outback Adventures

ED NOTE: Thanks Ken! your right! you sent heaps of logo laminates :)


john baum surfboardsSURFING DESIGNS BY JOHN BAUM. This logo is on the top of my longboard. John also has some sick shortboard designs i have seen around also in the ocean park area. ya brah. nice collection you have going. There are a couple more logos i will dig up.

shaka, p3


ED NOTE: Awesome, keep em coming, thanks P3!


Fireball SurfboardsHello, I would love some help identifying this longboard. There is a signature under the "FIREBALL" logo, but I can't read it.

Thanks a mil.

Andrew G. Santa Barbara, Ca.

please feel free to display logo. agarot@earthlink.net

ED NOTE: Thanks for sending Andrew!


First off let me tell you that you have an incredible website, and I have enjoyed all of the time I have spent pouring through all of the awesome stuff it provides ! Secondly, I want to apologize for the nature of this letter, as I'm sure you get bombarded with similar ones on a daily basis. With that said, the reason I am writing to you is because I was wondering if you could provide me with, or steer me in the direction of some information regarding a particular brand of surfboard. I have owned a longboard for several decades but never really knew much about it and I recently discovered the exact logo on my board in your logo library. It is a Malibu Competition surfboard and the logo on it is this one from your library: http://www.surfcrazy.com/stanleys/surflogosM/malibucomp.gif I would love to learn more about my board and this company, but doing an internet search for "malibu surfboard" tends to bring up a gazillion and one listings, none of which pertain to what I'm actually looking for. So I am turning to you to see if you have some knowledge you can share or, as I said, steer me in the direction of someone who does. I should also add that I currently reside near Detroit, Michigan so it makes it even more tougher to do surfboard research. Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for any info you can provide, and even if you can't, Thanks for having such an awesome website !! Sincerely,

Greg Gabry
Waterford, Michigan


Great stories and pictures of Stanley's, I'm 61 and spent a lot of time at Stanley's from 1965 till they closed it up. Surfed with all the hot guys back then, I can almost still hear that old pump jack in the middle of the parking lot. These pictures really gives a warm fuzzy feeling. I'll never forget the sunsets while surfing there. Do you have anything on "Tanks".

Thanks Eddie Hoag

ED NOTE: Its still a thrill people find the the Stanley's Diner story. Especially those who enjoyed it first hand. Only thing remarkable about Tanks i recall is Photographer Dan Merkle winning a contest there. The waves were so tiny Dan won doing a handstand on his surfboard.


jordy surfboardsGreetings! I was recently given a couple of 'old' surfboards to 'fix up' for myself. Here are the logos on them, none of which appear to be on your wall.. The 1st one is 6' 4" JORY brand thruster, reasonably modern, although I can't find any evidence of the make still operaating under this name. There is a 'Steve Jory' making boards with someone else, so perhaps they've merged. The phone number indicates a Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia base for the company, Noosa etc, great surfing beaches and headlands there! OK, there's 4 logos on the board. Top of Nose. Right side Rail. Top of Pod. Centre of Bottom. All are attached. I'll send the other board's on another email.

Gordan & SmithOK, both these logos are on a 1979 Gordon and Smith (Australia) single fin board. I was given the board to 'fix up' along with the Jory I sent the logos from, only this one is a lot more work, and a lot more worthy, of a careful 'restorration' if you like. There are 2 logos on the board.. The 'Gordon and Smith' logo on the deck. The 'Gary Hughes Rock and Roll Surfboards' logo on the bottom. Gary was a top surfer in the day, and shaped for G&S for just one year in 1979. He still surfs, and has a surf school too I believe. There's a Facebook Page for this board! I'm blogging the repairs as I go, please Like it, and maybe include a link to it it on your site?


Regards, Glen Crawford.
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Here’s another corky carroll spacestick logo for you!

William Lasala

ED NOTE: Thanks! See logo in gallery "C".


Aloha, Ed Searfoss here, owner Country Surfboards. I restore boards for Randy Rarick, just came across a logo, HiArt of Santa Cruz, 1969-1970 transition shape, I could take a picture & send to you if you like. Take care/ Ed

Ed Searfoss

ED NOTE: All logos, laminates welcome!


Jim Allen new like surfboardsAloha my friend. After all these year's i just saw the bio on me from your page. So cool. Thank you for the support all these year's. The pic's are from Dru Magill. I think that's the spelling. The fish was one i was shaping for him. These are my new lam's. JAclasics, newlife, blackcat, and The old JA. The board is one im donating to UCLA transplant center, with the newlife lam.

Please stay in touch. JA

ED NOTE: Jim Allen's a great friend, healthy back to shaping, his true passion. One of the best shapers in ventura county. Need a real gun or longboard, he's your man.

Jim carving a fish


Unit 4 SurfboardsI have a client who is having me restore this "unit 4" longboard. Searfoss noted that it was late sixties, which i had suspected as well. there seems to be two names that are imbedded in the logo, code if you will. but until i start presevation work on the logo, they are still not quite legible. the craftsmanship is high calibre, so it had to come from hands that had extensive experience. if you have any information on the unit 4 logo, please consider passing it along. upon logo preservation completion and restoration completion, i'll forward along findings and final photos. please advise.

Robert Davis / Country Surfboards

ED NOTE: Clik logo for look at this board, i say 68-70, waveset fin setup, hand drawn logo. Anyone know more?


M.C.G. SurfboardsHey Guys, myself (Kem McNair) ,David Coffee and Billy Gieger used to build M.C.G. Surfboards in New Smyrna Beach Fl Back in the early Seventies at our Surf shop "MCC's Sun & Surf Shop. Well, one of our original Fishes was located last week in great shape. So I thought I would send along the decal and a shot of the decal on the board. Please enter it into the decal area. Thanks

Kem McNair, Artist, Surfer, Musician,Photographer
McNair Computer Arts LLC
New Smyrna Beach,FL 32168

ED NOTE: Thanx Kem, so cool adding your logo laminate. Shapers, Surfboard Owners please send your logos :)


Hi My name is Todd. I really enjoyed looking at your logo library. I would like you to add my two boards from my collection of surfboards that are not in your library. Please email me with any details you may know of these boards. I would like to know what time period these boards were shaped and if they are still being shaped today. Attached are the logos and other features. If you would like further details let me know. Below is a description of the boards. 7"10" Ezera shortboard 9'2" Mike Slingerland high performance longboard with glassed in side fins.


ED NOTE: Thanks for sending!


Kaufman SurfboardsKAUFMAN SURFBOARDS: Hi, you have a GREAT site, and I hope to get my client to donate to you, again, great site for logos.. anyway "we" have a kaufman short board, nice, and am looking for some sort of "value" its about 6' and 3 fin, nice fiberglasll, with logos. top and bottom. any ideas???? or where I could ask, look???? again,

Tony in santa rosa...

ED NOTE: Thanx for sending !


UNKNOWN SURFBOARD Anyone know who's maker? Thanks, Mike D. mjdilloian@comcast.net


ED NOTE: I suspect chinese.



Hey Michael… Just got off the phone with Don Cason, a Gulf Coast Surfboard builder from the old days and he has just found a bunch of old photos and logos. I have encouraged him to get them scanned and sent them in to you but I didn’t know if the Stanley’s link was fixed… or if it would be okay to give him your personal email address… let me know… I think you’re going to love seeing some of the stuff he has… we did a lot of “plaid” boards for him in the early 80’s! What a gas! Cere!

Okay Michael! Don Cason found a pot of gold… here’s just one pic that came out of the old box… that board is beautiful… and what makes this little four finned (2 full size, two rail shorties), plaid sprayed, gulf skimmer so profound is that this is from the late 70’s, early 80’s! Don did some beautiful stuff out of the backyard shop – glad to have been a part of it! I hope he will contact you with many more photos – what a trip in the old timer’s machine!

Check these out… I think the Rhino Chaser was one of the last boards I shaped with Don… we built it for Bert Rinker, a guy who loved charging at Cabo! I rode that longboard at the Surfside jetties a few years back… made the leap off the rocks and dinged my body and the board… misjudged the green slimy stuff on the rocks!


The other pic is Don, as a young guy, wanting to make the jump into the business! He learned fast!



Hey Mike… I wasn’t sure if I sent this Don Cason photo to you already but it sure shows this kids genius… those boards, made out of today’s materials would fly themselves and offer beverage service on the way! They were beauty and the beast all rolled into one. Running flat they were all out fun and bounce. Laid over on a rail the fin placements and rail dynamics made them run like mini-guns. You could surf those boards in two feet of mush with a grin and as big as you had the brass to late-drop into. Just another tribute to a lot of unsung shaping innovators of a day gone away. Yay Don!


ED: Thanks Cere for sending Don's pics plus lam photos! Awsome :)



Hey Mike! You’ll never guess what my staff presented to me today… One of my old boards! It’s a 7’2” Rounded Pin Stinger in almost pristine condition… AFTER 35 years! Randy Henson, my youth guy apparently has been looking to find one and he somehow got in touch with Greg Hall from Santa Barbara who agreed to sell it and now I have it! WOW! I am stoked to see, and be able to handle, one of the boards after all these years! I can’t wait to try it out! Thanks to Randy and my great crew here for the love and special effort, thanks Greg, for selling it, and thanks Mike for having Surf Crazy… where all this started! Greg was looking for some info on the board his buddy bought him at a garage sale, he found the Surf Crazy site and contacted me, the photos made their way on the internet and voila! I have a board! What a great day! Cere!

BUT THEN I FOUND THIS OUT… Randy just came in, showing the board to a bunch of young groms, and when we started talking he told me that Greg Hall (who I have never met) GAVE THE BOARD FOR ME TO HAVE! Randy said that Greg told him during one of the conversations that he always felt like the board belonged to the shaper… THAT IS THE BEST OF OUR SURF CULTURE! UNSELFISH! GIVING! LARGE! (I sure hope he checks in to see his name in “lights!”)… Again… all this coming to light because you have been hosting your site all these years! Thanks Mike!


Aussie SurfboardMichael, I just visited your surfcrazy logo archive site and was surprised to see a pic of my board posted along with my e-mail that I sent you. It has been eight months since I have tried to track the old Aussie down. I don't remember where I heard, but somebody informed me that the board was shaped from a small gated community called Sunset(?) just south of Seal Beach, a private beach community about a mile long. I have a friend that has a lot of connections to people there and and elsewhere and I am confident my quest will be fulfilled soon. My computer crashed right after I e-mailed you about the board and it took me a while to reload and get back online. I am on it now and will keep you in the loop. And now I know others have my contact info on your site so I will keep my eyes open for for any related mail in the future.

Thanx again, Patrick


CACTUS SURFBOARDS I was wondering if you had any info on Cactus surfboards? I had one that rode great! I could never figure out who shaped it though. Any lead will be much appreciated!

Mahalo Kris

ED NOTE: I'm clueless... Anybody know?


Thanks Eric for sending LOGOS! Chubbysurf.com has THE GOODS! Check out Eric's site and his cool stuff on ebay!

Eric Sandoval (President)
(805) 573-0739
"Feeding Hungry Surfer's Worldwide"

Hey great site -

I was hoping that you can point me in the right direction for some advice on
a Mohn board. Where do you think I can or should go to find the value and proper description of this board? It is 7' 4-1/2"

Thank you in advance for your help!


Paul Mcneil has been a graphic designer in Sydney for 20 years and has made a name for himself designing Rock albums and Tee shirts for companies such as Mambo and Mooks. He's a jack of all trades, nothing stops his creative output, be it film, books or his continual painting and fine art shows.

Now residing in Byron Bay, Paul has immersed himself in the world of surfboard art and design and is the co-owner of Zed surfboards. He also created and co curated the influential Byron bay art gallery Sea Cell.


ED NOTE: Paul has sent many fine images included into the library, Thanks Paul!





RWSD... VTA Local Shaper named shaper of year...


Sacred Craft Expo

Robert gets VTA Co Star props

New logo somthing for the Z's!! Our new company ZED (previously SEA)

hope youre WEll!

paul mcneil

0405 625 058
Hi This is a long shot, I’m a new surfer from Santa Barbara and it just so happens my last name is Huerta. I was wondering if you had any info on the Steve Huerta/Huerta surfboards. Thinking it would be cool to get either a board, sticker or swag with my name on it. If you had info on websites or anything I would appreciate it. I did the google thing with no luck.

Albert Huerta

ED NOTE: Steve Huerta one of Ventura County's finest can be found at Wavefront Surfshop on Thomson Blvd next to Tony Pizza at Figueroa.




AUSSIE Surfboards... Michael, I have been turned on to your site by Gene Cooper. I have this old board that has an AUSSIE logo on it. In my efforts to track down it's history, I came upon the logo on your website, thanks to Gene. I started with Nat Young, the legend, and believe it or not he got back to me within an hour, completely flooring me! I have intentionally forwarded all of my e-mails to Nat and Gene for your info and enjoyment. I am stoked too find the logo in your library however I am still searching for info on the shaper and beginings of my AUSSIE.
The board is still in great shape and rides like a Cadillac. I have considered many times to have it restored but would not want to devalue it in case it is something special. If there is any way you could help me get more info it would be greatly appreciated. I have had this board since around 1975 and have always been
curios about it's history. I would love to start riding it again provided it shouldn't be hanging in a museum somewhere or is worth 10k, which I highly doubt either. Find enclosed the attached zip with pics of the ole AUSSIE. Thank you for your efforts.


Patrick Turner


Any idea who this logo belongs to? Board looked vintage 60's, very heavy, glassed fin and huge concave under the nose. Thanks.

ED NOTE: Unmistakable GORDIE shield surfboard logo :)

Michael: Do not see this logo in your library will you add it? Any idea what year the board could have been made? Any way I can confirm this? I take your word but would like to give some history.Thank you for your help!

Larry Miller

ED NOTE: Color foam between stringer I think 67'-68' Anyone remember when Clark Foam started doing the color foam stringer combos?

BLAST SURFBOARDS Hi, I just bought a surfboard that says "Blast" on it. I was told that it was made by Blaster out of Ventura. but I cant find any info about them. do you have any info. PS It does have a signature on it but I cant read it looks like the first name starts with a P or D and the second on is an S.
Thank you!

ED NOTE: I'm outta the loop on this one but VTA CO. is full of talented shapers. Anyone know dis guy?

My name is David Sauers, Phil Sauers is my dad, who is alive and well. A year ago I trademarked my dad's logo and recently decided to license and resurrect his brand... That said...

Here it is SURFBOARD BY PHIL #0001. This is the first surfboard being run on the new line. This is a solid 10' footer, gloss and polish. The blank has 5 stringers. 2 down the center sandwich a 4" slice of green foam. The other 3 stringers are located on the right rail. I had a box put in so it can be a wall hanger. The model is was known as "The Pacific" and this is an exact replica of the surfboard used in "Ride The Wild Surf" which is also featured on the cover of the DVD.

I putting this surfboard up for bid through the month of August 2010 and it will go to the highest bidder. The winner will be responsible for shipping; if need be. Shipping can be performed through Foam EZ which is pretty close to where the surfboard is located in Orange County, California, USA. There are also professional parties involved in the auctioning of this surfboard... which is also listed on EBAY.

If you have someone who bids the highest and wins the surfboard... we will kick back 10% of the gross back to your organization as a donation. We have over $350 in the blank... $450 in the glass... plus an additional $125 wrapped up in the lam and screen development.

Bids can be simply emailed directly to me or made on EBAY. The subject heading should read... SILENT AUCTION. We believe this surfboard #0001 and is sure to become a collectors item. The starting bid is $5,000.

Thank you for your time... if interested, please forward accordingly.

David Sauers
Liquid LQ, LLC
(310) 909-4211

Surfboards by Phil Auction on ebay

The board is going to be on display at the INTERNATIONAL SURF MUSEUM in HB throughout the course of the US OPEN.


Country Surfboards shaped by Robb Davis and Jason Branch... one of a kind board shaped in hawaii 2001... supposedly only 10 of the logos existed - robert davis... "R" logo, shapers logo for robert davis 1 color and a 2 color version.

ED NOTE: Are You the new licencee of Country Surfboards?
Good morning Michael - i was named head shaper of country surfboards by ed searfoss after james turnbulls funeral. the double edge sword to that nomination was that my wife and i had already decided to return to florida, where i reside today. ed is still owner and head of country surfboards and i was blessed with licensure for east of the mississippi when i left hawaii. i'm in panama city beach florida now. my focus for now is to build sought after collectable types of boards that bare the country logo. production is limited, quality and style are foremost priority. thanks for your time. - r 

ED NOTE: small r logo?
the r logo is my shapers mark (robert davis shapes), when i was shaping in new smyrna florida, pre hawaii, there was randy richenburg, big R, some how came up with little r. used it ever since. the one off board that jason and i did together was a pretty insane creative moment. jason was way into the retro thing and dragged me into it kicking and screaming, glad he did - i can't give it up, i love shaping out those racy single fins. jason branch is from your neck of the woods. ventura i thought, if you ever run into the guy - he's way cool and one of a kind. thank you for your interest, any thing i can do to help, just drop me a note. - r 

Robert Davis
850 303 4595


THRAIKILL SURFBOARDS... yo surfcrazy.....here is a lam from a 1964 (bill) thrailkill surfboard from san diego.....bill continues to shape a limited number of surfboards and is indeed an extraordinary craftsman.

byron wishnek
la mesa, ca

GUNTHER GLASS SURFBOARDS To Whom It May Concern: Here is a Gunther Surfboard logo you did not have on your website. See attachment above you can use it if you want to update your site

Gary Sokol

ED NOTE: Anymore GG info please send.

You are welcome,

Danny @ Gunther Glass in Reseda, CA. custom made this surfboard for me and one for my friend Steve Hessing back in 1973. A high performance fish, And every once in awhile I was still using it up until 2001

Glad to be of help,
Gary Sokol

More on GG: From Cere : Yep, I visited GG a few times. My first recollection of Danny was when he moved into the shop on Roscoe and Reseda. It was a new building and more modern (and utilitarian) than all the other shops. He did great glass and color work... and he loved the asymmetric tails! It would be great to see one of those again! On a personal level he was a real low key guy, smiley, easy going (at least outwardly). I was never certain of his affiliation with guys like Tanaka... but he really had some good mentoring on the manufacturing side... he hit the ground running!... Swaylocks... Danny Tarampi. Gunther is his son's name. He started out at Wardy surfboards down in Laguna Beach in the old red barn. I believe he also worked at Con surfboards in Santa Monica. The last I heard he is retired (from the postal service), still builds surfboards and surfs Malibu, Secos, County Line and other points of north.

Wow! I knew of CME Surfboards just could not find da place! LOL howsit Cere. Jogged my memory! The asymmetric tails and craftsmanship is why I bought GG!

I wish I had a picture of my friend Steve ’s 9’1”board “True red” in color and asymmetrical half circle tail with single Foam and glassed fin “scag”. Yes a foam and glassed fin they were quite strong and lasted for at least 10 years and sure they got dinged but easy to repair. Danny was into light weight boards and maneuverability. Danny was really nice and cool and explained everything he sat down with us and on a scratch piece of paper he drew out a picture of each board suggesting this asking us that, just a real personable guy as I can remember (to much tea in those days) we paid $120.00 for a custom made surfboard to our height and weight.

We also lived in Granada Hills and went to Granada hills high class of 72 and at the time there was a limited amount of surf shops around. Kennedy surf shop on Ventura blvd., Val Surf on Riverside blvd and Whitsett Ave. if there was others no one seem to let us know. His shop was more a workshop and like not a retail store at all when danny got the rough shape done he called us and we were able to watch him finish the blank out and get ready to glass needless to say that was cool and border line to awesome.

Steve and I surfed those boards from the Ranch to Rosarito and everywhere else in between from 1973 to 1983. Michael I know Randy Beck of Safari surf and sport in Chatsworth and he really knows his stuff and he still keeps in touch with Danny T. every once and awhile.

He is on facebook Safari Surf and Sport and his shop phone number is (818) 349-WAVE (9283) I do not have his email at this time.

Any ways if I can think of anything more I will keep in touch.

Mahalo and shaka brah!


Michael: Please add Yeakel Surfboards to your library. Thanks for pushing our book, we make no money, it is all about the stoke!!!!

Keep Surfing, Pete Nobel

ED NOTE: Cool book featuring laminates, decals and stickers... GO GET IT!

Hi Michael, Can you help me? I have recently bought an unidentified second hand board and have been trying to find out some info on it, with no luck. After searching through your fantastic site I found the logo on your library page (jpeg attached) If you have any information on the board it would be greatly appreciated! Ps. If you would like a better image of the logo for your website I can forward one over.

Many Thanks

ED NOTE: Semente Surfboard

SURF CRAZY SURFBOARDS SURF CRAZY Surfboards circa 1981 to 1988. Ahoy there surf lovers.. as the Baron of the Shire of Fingal Head and Master of local surf lore in these parts I have decided to send you guys some images of my surfboard logos from 1973 up to recently.. yes I still make a few boards here in far north of New South Wales.. any more underground and I'd be buried alive.. IMAGES TO FOLLOW.. including my logos from the aforementioned SURF CRAZY SURFBOARDS.. shockingly rare boards! Ha ha!

Baron Darryl von Weirdo
Fingal Head

ED NOTE: Hey Baron, interested in buying a slightly used website address?

logos for decibel surfboards. thank you.

Donnie Britton

BIG THANKS... Hi, Came across this much improved Val Surf bellyboard/paipo logo in my eBay monitoring. Rod Rodgers, rodndtube@gmail.com // Thanks Simon, simond@homemail.com.au for sending HUTCHINSON Surfboards logo. // J&T Crider, jtcrid@yahoo.com, one more, you dont have this one WILLIAM DENNIS Surfboards.
Thank you for this website without it i would not have known that my board was a Weber. I know you have the logo on your site already but mine had the dnt text on the bottom so here are a couple of images of it, i hope they can be of use if not no biggie. Thank you for again this website .

James Crider PDR Ca.
JET BOARDS by THURSTON Here is the logo off my Dads longboard. Don't think you have this one! John E. Thurston. Shaped for Yater back in the 60's. Probably the last board John shaped was the one I have in my living room....


Don't think I mentioned it, but my Dad was Geno Brady, he passed away last year. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, surfed Rincon / the Ranch / etc... See the Surfing CA. book, un-identified, late 60's.. .that's Geno Brady, no wetsuit, Rincon, powering through the Rivermouth with the island in the background. That's my Dad. John Thurston was a friend of the family, lived in Summerland with his wife Patty. My Dad traded a pair of Dory Oars for a new board from John...this is the logo off that board. When I was a toddler, we lived in the back of the Yater shop in Summerland. The Brady's and the Yater's go way back.

Just a little history.

Neil Brady


Photo by James "Bud" Bottoms. Hey Mike! I remember the spill, the blobs, the gasoline (the dangers of unsecured gasoline containers in the trunk or back of our vans), the "blob wipes" that materialized almost overnight in our shops (great for avoiding gas explosions), and the pipe disaster... in fact, I did some hospital time in late 69 surfing the "Pipe" (we generally included the expletive). It was a great swell, but the tide was low, and the "stuff" was flowing all around us. (Do I remember correctly that it was a break in the line that usually took it a lot farther out to sea - like that was really better for the environment anyway?) Took about two weeks but I woke up one morning with bright yellow eyes and a belly full of pain. A trip to the Doctor was all it took to get a room. All my friends had to get shots because I was radioactive with germs! It was a bummer! Four weeks out of the water! Now let me tap your memory with another test... wasn't there another pipe running sewage out to sea at "Tanks?" I seem to remember the boils at different times. Bet those pipes don't exist anymore!
ED NOTE: No stink at Tanks :)


CYBAK LONGBOARDS:Cybak Longboards out of Victoria BC Canada Est. 2009.

Dwayne Cybak


GIGANTIC thanks to John Post from Pensacola FLA for sending these and MANY more logo / labels... NOMAD SURFBOARDS, ALLEN WHITE SURFBOARDS: Here are a few Allen White Logos I don't see in your collection, and a correspondance with Allen White containing details. Also in his Email is another logo.

Can you please tell me about when this Allen White board was made? I would appreciate any info you have about it. Has serial #90048, so I'm guessing it was the 48th board of 1990.
Its 9' long, 23&1/4 wide. At bottom of E-mail are pics with logos.

Thank you very much for your help!

From: Allen White <handcarved@cfl.rr.com>
To: John Post <johnpost@bellsouth.net>

That board had to be built in 1993. That perticular label was one that I did with Pete Dooley (of Natural Art). We only did that one for a couple of years. Where are you at John? Looks like the board is in great shape...........how'd it go?

DONALD TAKAYAMA SURFBOARDS, CHEATER FIVE SURFBOARDS: Here is one I dont see (at least not under "C" or "K" or "P"). Its a "Cheater Five Surfboards" by Kirk Pifer. Its a 2005 7' Boardworks epoxy. NATURAL ART SURFBOARDS: Here is a variation of "Natural Art" logo I don't see in your collection. This one has a box formed around it from the begining of the "N" and the end of the "T". Its on a 6'10" old style single fin that I judge to be from the mid 1970's

Here is a Robert August logo I don't see in your collection. Its off a 9' "Wingnut II" model. Its an epoxy Surftech thats probably from 2007? SURF RX SURFBOARDS: These are from a Surf Perscriptions by Jeff "Doc" Lausch. Probably about 2004. One is very like what you have but the signature part is below and to the left, whereas the one you have has the signature below and centered. The other logo I have for you is different from what you have. WALDEN SURFBOARDS: Here is a Waldon logo that may be a little older than what you have, I really don't know the date of it. It differs from the newer boards that I see in the shops and from what you have in that it has "Ventura Ca" on it.

SANDY BEACH SURF DESIGNS HAWAII: These two logos are off a vintage Skimboard, but does say surfboards on it. One says: "Pro-Glass, The Surfboard Factory, North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii". Other says: "Sandy Beach, Surf Designs, Hawaii". The Skimboard is 54" long. No idea when it was made, if I had to guess, I'd guess its from the 80s. I'll include the logos but also pics of the board and maybe you can guess when its from. It is made in the style of a surfboard in that it has rounded rails, very heavy glass and much thicker foam than modern skimboards, also has a little more rocker. Logo off a SEVEN 7. You have one like it but yours doesn't say "Surfboards Australia" on it.

ED: Wow thanks so much John for taking the time sending all the logos. I will forward to Andy at Surfing Heritage Foundation for his research project. Actually the Walden logo is somewhat new. He began shaping in Huntington Beach in the 70's and moved to town in the 90's. The library has many early examples of his early logos. Thanks again!

JOHN: You are very welcome. I'm at Pensacola Beach, and its raining with no surf...and Oil in the water...so whats a guy to do. I'm still searching thru my pic of various boards I've had, and if I see a logo that I don't find in Stanleys, I'll send it.

ED: Good luck with that spill, we surfed in same shit in 69' spill here off santa barbara, crazy kids we were. part of our gear then was a jug of gasoline to get the oil tar blobs off us and our boards. One pal got famous was featured in life magazine... yep pics of him removing oil blobs. back then nobody gave a damn, we had raw sewage pumping out of a pipe at the C-St. point right onto the beach at low tide, right in town! The tip of the point is refered to as pipes to this day.


San Onofre Surfboard 9'7" Redwood Pine, Balsa: Board originally owned by James Dowden brother of Al Dowden first president of San Onofre Surfing Club. Each brother had a board built on the beach in Corna Del Mar. This is Jame's Surfboard. In 1955 James moved to Sacramento and left board with his brother Al. Al's son knocked the entire nose off in 1957 and had it reshaped into a hobie Makaha shape, On display over the Bar at The Endless Summer Bar and Grill in Santa Barbara for your viewing. Documentation available and verified by the late Les Williams at a Hobie San Onofre Classic. I am trying to purchase a very expensive wood surfboard. Asking price is $17, 500 US Dollars, buyer pays packing & shipping

Keep Surfing, Pete Nobel


RICK SURFBOARDS, FREEDOM BELLYBOARDS I just picked up a 70's pintail and this is the only marking on it. Im not sure if this is the same board built by the famous Rick Surfboards, but it does have some similarities. If you would like a better image I can scrape the wax. Freedom Bellyboard shaped by Terry Peek in the 70's. I didnt see one of these on your site either...


CREST SURFBOARDS Hello! I just got done leafing through your site and by the copious amount of boards that you have listed I assume that maybe you could help me on a matter. I recently acquired a 1960's Crest popboard and I cannot find anything about it except that they were made for a Sears like department store back in the day. If you could fill me in on anything you know about it, that would very much please me!
Thank you,
Ryan <rmahlin32@yahoo.com>
MYSTERY SHAPER Hey man How are you ? I have a board with this attached logo on it. Have you seen it before. Board is in Venice and I think from the area. Love to know who shaped it. Thanks. Have a good one.


Mr. e SURFBOARDS Attached is a picture of a Mr. e logo. All shaped by me Nathan Margo since 1989 and still going in San Diego, Ca. with a very low production. I also do Pacific Edge which you already have an example of. My primary activity now is for the website: http://obpiersurf.webnode.com/ and I still surf but not like I used to.


BIG THANKS FOR EMAILING LOGOS... Hi Thought i might add my Don Allcroft 1976 Rip Curl. Dave Odonnell daveodonnell@live.com.au Attached are photos of a Becker logo not in your library .Early eighties .I sent to Becker factory and waiting for info Sincerely, Frederick M Holland (frederick_m_holland@yahoo.com)
CROZIER SURFBOARDS Hi, Unsure if you can help me. You have a Crozier logo on your site. Black logo on a yellow board. Do you have a record of who sent this to you as I now own this board. I purchased it on Ebay about 6 months ago & am about to have it restored. I was trying to research when it was made & checked out your site. I was amazed when I saw the logo. There is an onion & a couple of spots on the deck that confirm it is my board.

Any help is appreciated.
Cheers - Peter

G. CAMPBELL SURFBOARDS Started building boards in 1968 at age 13 the same age as my dad was when he built his firstboard in 1939. Dad (Gaylord L. Campbell ) and my moms cousin knew both Bob Simmons and Dewy or Ed Simmons . I used to rent the old Erine Tanaka surf factory across from that crazy man that ran Fluid Drive . I had a crew that worked for me they were Casey Mc Crystal and Carl Shaper who builds board for Bonga Perkins. My rubout guy was Maurico Gil of Aloha surfboards . I also used to build boards for everyone who was worth building boards for in north Malibu and County Line or Petes Reef as it used to be called . My friends ran the Line Shack Clark an Ray . For the last 6 years I took care of dad until his passing on . He taught me to surf at age 5 at killer Dana .I worked for Ron Haydu, Ron Romanoski and Jim Mizell along with Dale Velzy as a young 20 something year old .I started the whole surf scene on KROQ in the 80's only to have poorman rip me off for it . I worked for Walker foam building boards for their customers which included Linden , Greg Nolls son up north CHP in Redondo and many many more labels. My logo is G.Campbell not to be mistaken for the Campbell brothers in Oxnard, we started building boards around the same time . I also teach surfing for the Caltech surf club which is where Bob Simmons went to school and built the first foam surfboard made with EPS foam and epoxy way ahead of his time. I recently read on Surfline a story by Rusty about Simmons and how he was from La Jolla. Wrong try Pasadena Rusty.

Gaylord Campbell


My dad is PHIL SAUERS. My company, LIQUID LQ, LLC., owns the trademarked logo SURFBOARDS BY PHIL. We are currently licensing and will be relaunching the brand shortly. For your records here is a current and corrected logo for your to replace the logo that is currently listed on your website... which I think is amazing.


David Sauers
Liquid LQ, LLC
(310) 909-4211
CERE CHECKS IN... Hey Michael... okay, I just had to go to the site since you sent me the great big-wave video (Even x-surfers still choose waves and beach stories over work!). Right near the top of the current thread is a guy named Danny from San Diego asking about a logo with a squiggle in the middle of a circle... I don't know who built the board but I have seen the logo before - it's the cattle brand in Eastwood's "The Outlaw Josie Wales" LOL! And Kenn's question about the butt-cleavage logo a couple of comments lower... too funny! Seriously... board builders have some wild imaginations and inside lines (way inside... where no one else can ever see inside) when it comes to branding... Pacific Design Center could use the early surf industry for illustrations of what not to do, forever... And we just wouldn't care one bit! Bahahaha! Thanks for the break in an otherwise normal day! Cere!

RAYO DE CALIFORNIA howdy michael.....got one for ya "RAYO DE CALIF" stands for lightning of california, made in mexico don't know who by.....mine is a mid 70's single wing swallow tail gun. enjoy the lam.

byron in san diego

HOT CURL I'm puzzled by the term "hot curl" surfboard... there was an article in SJ a while back with pictures of the "first" hot curl board (by Blake?) from the fourties I think. Solid stringerless koa maybe. The new ones seem quite different in size and shape. Need a good surf historian to weigh in on this.


ED NOTE: Hot Curl term been used from everything from Hawaiian shapes, Wind an Sea mascot plastic models to Matt Kevlin malibu shapes . Any definitive answer to originaton?
hello Michael, could you please identify the maker of this surfboard. attached is the board logo. "sonrise surf team". thanks alot for your time.

Danny, in sunny "san diego"

ED NOTE: I'm clueless... anybody?
TROY SURFBOARDS: I noticed that you have a Troy Surfboards logo on your site. I recently came about one and was hoping to find out some history about the company, shaper, etc. Do you know anything about Troy Surfboards?



PACIFIC SURFBOARDS LOST PUPPY LONG WAY FROM HOME Hi, how ya doin. This board only marked " PACIFIC SURFBOARDS IMPERIAL BEACH " is here in Minnesota ? what can ya tell me about it ?.. I have had very little luck on the internet getting any info .. all I know is it really does not work on frozen water.. I wiIl display it when I'm cruising in my old cars... 50 Chev Sedan Delivery and my 58 Ranchero.

Thanks for any help



ED NOTE: Considering that Imperial Beach is next door to the Mexican border this puppy wandered way off course and won't be finding his way home anytime soon :-) Looks to me like a great shape to ride on Lake Superior north east swells..

BING & RICK SURFBOARDS ? Hi Michael, I recently picked up a old longboard, with this logo on it, any ideas?



Jamie Budge narates in person this super 8 converted film at various live venues The Living Curl. Old school footage from 60's. Great malibu footage, Dora and all the greats. Cool Stanleys Diner segment. Check out trailer.




TROY SURFBOARDS where were troy surfboards from, there is one for sale near me 9'6" appears to be from the 60's it's in decent cond, looks wooden.
what are they worth?? any info would be appreciated. thanks

Treeman Robert

SURFBOARDS AUSTRALIA Hey- I have an old board that’s been banging around through my travels. I came across the logo on your library. http://www.surfcrazy.com/stanleys/surflogosS/surfboardsaustralia02.gif I have gentleman coming by today to check it out for repairs, some chipped glass in the nose and lots of dings. I was wondering if you might be able to tell me what I have here. Collectors item?

Thanks!! Peace

J. Scott Arthur
Computer Consultant/Engineer

DynTek, Inc.
North East Region/Long Island
Phone: (631) 285-8257
Cell: (631) 357-4338
Email: scott.arthur@dyntek.com
Web: www.Dyntek.com

ED NOTE: What you have there is figberglass and foam sculpture suitable for wave riding :+)


My names Andrew,
And i'm not sure if I have the right person, but I have collected a bunch of old surf logo images online, (From ebay, google, & also boards I have owned, seen) & was wondering if you or the appropriate person wants me to send them to you?
Let me know,
Andrew MacTavish.
< jorks30@hotmail.com>

ED NOTE: Thanx Andrew for the GIANT contribution of logos!


HehHeh, Cere's Jonesing..

Hey Michael... saw that you posted the blurb... and I did hear from Andy this past week! The guy is amazing! The "Team CME" thing you did was fun... I was just enjoying the whole experience till I read the "Editors Note: "Thanks Cere for kind words. btw, great winter surf here. you probably got the low pressures your way, minus the whump!" Ouch Mikey! Wanna' give me a paper cut and pour some lemon juice in it too? LOL! I heard about the great winter you guys were having... even clicked into some of the surf cameras in Ventura... but it was too painful! I remembered so clearly many of those great winter days... at Stables (in the old fairground days - when you could park in the dirt at the point). Six and eight footers rolling off at the Point. Yelling at your buddies dropping in to perfect walls to "go for it!". I remember straining to get outside for the crazy drop at Overhead when it was big enough for the outside break! I can still feel the shivers from paddling out a Hollywood by the Sea on a 5'1'' Rogue and tucking up tight for a twelve foot drop (Now I think our "daring" was just a steroid form of stupidity!). I can still see one of my best friends, Mario Mortara, unwillingly coming in on a ten plus day at C-Street, blue from the cold (wetsuits were just beaver tails in this episode) and two of us grabbing him because he was gong into shock, throwing him down on the floor of the van and covering him up with towels and blankets to try to bring color back into his face. It was hilarious and scary all at the same time...! I even remembered paddling out at Rincon in 69 - heart in my throat the whole time - watching guys like Marty Peach, Jay Riddle, Donald Takayama, Mike Purpuse (and what seemed like the entire South Bay crew), and so many others, riding rhino chasers, ripping the place to shreds. Thirteen years of almost every day water experience, most of those days spent with shared time in the shaping, glassing, glossing or show rooms... hundreds of friends and parties and road trips -- and then -- fast forward to today's reality -- the Gulf... now maybe you understand just how much I miss the "whump!" You guys are blessed! And it's a trip to share it with you and some of the contributors to your great site! I read what a lot of the younger kids have to say and wonder if they realize how many guys, like you, went before them to pave the way for the sport they now enjoy and that enjoys a place of prominence that had to be carved out. btw: special kudos' to Al Merrick and his son (and surf-sons) who are doing such a great work thru their videos and ministries! Have a great day Michael! You deserve it!




Aloha Michael,

I came across these logos while reading and researching this book for the Paipo Research Project. Didn't see them on your site (except for a version of one of them). Below is the relevant citation info for contacting the author of the book.

Funderburg, J. (2008). Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast. Carolina Beach, N.C.: SlapDash Publishing, LLC.

Contact Info:
Joseph "Skipper" Funderburg
P.O. Box 464
Wilmington, NC 28402
Ph: 910-341-5899
Email: info@carolinabeach.net

Logos (Usual rights reserved statement in the book):
Danpri Surfboards, p. 89,
Photo credit: NC Department of Cultural Resources
www.ncculture.com  ("News & Observer. Raleigh, NC)

East Coast Surfboards, p. 61
Photo credit: None cited.

Spencer Surfboards, p. 62
Photo credit:  None cited.
Rod Rodgers  _\m/ 


Sacred Craft Expo 2010

Honoree Renny Yater



Mcloud Surfboards

How do I add new logos to this website? I am a local shaper in Ventura County and I have been shaping and doing ding repairs for over 15 years. I would love to get involved with this website. I am stoked to see all the vintage logos here!!

Jim McLoud
McLoud Surfboard Designs

Email: mcloudsurfboards@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.mcloudsurfboards.com

ED NOTE: email logo submissions to: surfcrazy mike



Hey Michael!

Surf Crazy did it again! Got a contact from George Reber... a great 70's kneeboarder who worked with us a bit out in the Canoga Park factory! What a trip! Every once in a while one of the kids from that time and space will contact me because of the Stanley's site... Thanks buddy, for the work you're doing! How is Andy's work coming along? Any closer to a publication? I wonder if it would be worth while printing an electronic copy with what he has up to this point! I'm sure a lot of guys would like to see it... and I'm certain it would stir up some memories that could help expand it. (Kind of like your re-telling of the Hansen shop in Van Nuys. I had completely forgotten about that little place until you brought it up. I remember riding my bike up Saticoy, past Louise to make my way down Reseda to the other shops on Ventura! It was a much safer time for kids to roam!) Keep up the great work!


ED NOTE: Thanks Cere for kind words. btw, great winter surf here. you probably got the low pressures your way, minus the whump! sound : ) Andy Anderson's "Stoked n Board" is up and live now: stokednboard project



We are excited to announce the return of Schroff Surfboards. Please see the attached information for details. Schroff Comback Blurb

Lisa Fogarty



noticed on your web page a listing for the highest price ever paid for a foam board.
Do you have a "highest price ever" listing?

I had a balsa long board at a charity auction a couple of years ago, and John Moores (owner of the San Diego Padres) bought it for $50,000. Was reported in the newspapers (and in some of the surf media).

Just wondered if you'd ever heard of one going for more....

Melville, Keith W


ED NOTE: I have no clue. Sounds like your balsa board sets record for a surfboard purchase.


Hi there, I would like to submit our logos to Stanleys if possible.

Our store is Underground Surf, Our product label is Ondi Surf and we are re-launching the 70's Aragorn label. Please find logos attached our website to link to if possible is undergroundsurf.com I am also adding a link to you guys on our website if that's OK?

Many thanks
Underground Surf

a 3/57 golden four dr, north kirra qld 4225
e kirra@undergroundsurf.com.au
p po box 914, coolangatta qld 4225
t 07 5599 1040

ED NOTE: I link to all cool Surfboard Builders sites if requested... just ask :D


Hey mate,
Here's a few logos for the Library from Oke Surfboards. There's a heap more from between the mid 70's to the 90's we'll have around somewhere if you're interested.


Hi logo reads The Tradewind (no S) Caribbean Surfboard Co. Delray Beach Florida #21137 (#stamped lower right hand corner)sure would love to know who made her.

Dave Baker
De Pontes Surfbrädor

Hi, found your site at Surfsverige.se It's a place for Swedish surfers, although we don't have so much waves, we love to travel.

Here's a logo that wasn't on the list. This is a swedish shaper, don't have any good picture, but you can check it out at www.depontes.se www.depontes.se


ED NOTE: Swedish Stoke!

M. S. SPORTS... after inquiring about prices I received the info below.

More factory pics...

Dear Surfcrazy,
Thank you for your patience!
Please refer to as following:
1.our board are all hand shaped.our SUP board all EPS foam with fiberglass.
2.please check our SUP board construction:
a. High density EPS foam core
b. 3 layers of 6 oz fiberglass on deck and bottom, enforced with Epoxy resin
c. Color painting layer
d.Protective clean paint
and find our factory pictures of this stages.
3.our factory is located in Ningbo,which is belong to Zhejiang Province.
Please refer to our attachments.

PHONE : +86-21-68072029
Mobil : +86 13564369874
FAX : +86-21-68072029
E-mail : mosessports@gmail.com
Price Sheet
Date:29st Jan,2010
SHEET To : Mr.Michael Richard


1 Epoxy SUP 01 9'6'' * 28'' * 3.75'' 299 USD 9.4kg 15Kg 296*75*13cm

2 Epoxy SUP 02 10' * 28'' * 4'' 322 USD 10kg 16.5kg 311*75*13cm

3 Epoxy SUP 03 10'6'' * 29'' * 4.5'' 350 USD10.4kg 20.5kg 326*75*13cm

4 Epoxy SUP 04 11' * 30'' * 4 5/8'' 365 USD 11kg 21.5kg 341*77*13cm

5 Epoxy SUP 05 11'6'' * 30.5'' * 4 7/8'' 380USD 11.5kg 22kg 357*79*14cm

6 Epoxy SUP 06 12' * 31'' * 5'' 386 12.5kg 24kg 372*79*14cm

7 paddle 84'' 150 USD
8 grip pad 60 USD

1 Packaging: 1 pcs/carton
Inner packing:
First, one layer of bubble sheets and EPE holding both sides of the board
Second, one layer of paper sheet with one addition layer at nose and tail each

TOWNSEND SURFBOARDS Sorry history: Used to shape with Jorge Vicente in Hawaii in Wahiawa and Halewia, now in NJ shaping from the house

Frank E Townsend III



Dear Sir or Madam,
Happy new year. I was through google search your company in sup board business. Exactly, we could produce. So, try to contact with you.I hope I didn't bother to you. This is moses of MOSES SPORTS.We produce SUP BOARDand KITEBOARD in NINGBO,China.
1,Materials:surface:fiberglass ,inner core:PU/EPS
2,Size(6 types):9',10',10'6'',11' ,11'6'',12'and so on or according to your requirements. 3,The color,logo or printing are as per your requirements. We do not have stock, so when you need samples, we redesign and manufacture. Minimum order quantity is 50 pieces/type.We could supply some samples with the samples fees for the first cooperation by DHL. We are manufacturers, we can provide the quality products with the best prices . In addition, we can also produce your product according to your request . Please refer to our JPG attachments.
Waiting for your reply!
Sporting Goods Manufacturers
surf board,kite board,sup board

ED NOTE: Things are tough all over. I've been getting hammered with emails like this from china. Clik the pic for factory photos. Check out that clean floor!

DOOLEY SURFBOARDS Hey Michael, I was just curious about one of your logos. I came across your page through a search engine and I was intrigued by what looks to be a signature board by Dooley. The reason for my inquiry is that my Dad, had done a bit of shaping in the early 70's in the Orange County area and thought perhaps that someone actually had one of his boards. His signature is exactly the same, which makes even more intriguing. If you could offer me any help information, it would be muchly appreciated. Thanks a lot.


STEINER OLYMPIC SURFBOARDS Hi, I have been trying to do some research of an American surfboard maker, Brand of surfboard-- STEINER OLYMPIC. I have 9 foot six inch malibu ('longboard') from the early 1960's. I will take a photo of the logo and email it to you.
I cannot find any information on thid surfboard in Australia. I have owned this board for the past 40 years, and still ride it.Now I have so many people asking of the history of the maker.Which I don't know too much. Would like to know if you have any info on the maker.



you probably mentioned it on your site but all those early surf decal shapes were just stock designs the printer had.but what a printer to have timeless classic shapes.

ED NOTE: Agree geometric shapes are pretty standard, but theres plenty of variations. safe to say yater, jacobs, ole and others were artist tweaked.

MS: hobie was done by a pro i believe (severson?)...me? g and s, olympic (both), hannon, ramsey jay... challenger and birdwell beach britches.

ED NOTE: Mike the prolific 60's cartoonist and surfboard logo designer is creating a line of new garments featuring his classic surf cartoons. Check his website and stay tuned.

EDITORS MUSINGS: Years ago, and maybe even now the source and type of rice paper to use for surfboard laminates was a mystery. I got clued in and used to buy stock clearing out art store shelves. Needing more volume i contacted paper suppliers, importers nation wide. I was sent tons of useless samples. I finally found a big printer in florida who also sold inks and supplies. We became friends he and his wife even visited me one summer. He sold the Co. and moved on. The new owner was cool and continued the arrangement. Years later I was approached by a Hawaiian laminate decorater looking for paper as he'd run short. Come to find out he was original importer of the paper.

There were two types of paper availabe, a heavy weight and a lighter. The heavy was great for 6-10 oz cloth w full polish gloss. As board glassing got more tight, meaning 4oz and under, less resin used to cut weight with sanded finishes, board builders prefered the light thin paper, sanders were grinding thru logos. I set out to source my own as supply was iffy unpredictible etc. I met a Japanese surfer who was involved with exporting all kinda products. Thrilled to find him I sent him info labels samples, descriptions etc to help find the valued lightweight commodity. The holy grail of paper resided somewhere and I waited days to find out where. I finally received his answer... Oh yes the factory is on such and such island... I read excitedly holding breath... the paper you request is used in manufacture of BABY DIAPERS! Happy 2010 you all!


R 2 O SURFBOARDS Hei budy i just found your web site and it is very nice !!!!!! So I'm sending my logos for your gallery, My name is Rodolpho Brasolin and I live in San Diego , CA, where I own my shop and produce my boards. I'm originale from Brasil but I'm living here on the last 5 years.
My brand is call R 2 O Surfboards and I'm very glad to been talking too you... Nice too meet you,

Thanks for your attention,
Rodolpho Brasolin (619) 313-8542

BONNY SURFBOARDS Hi, I have a single fin, swallow tail I found in Marocco. It must be early 70's but have no idea were it is from. The dimensions are in cm but the name does't sound european and I was told it belonged to Australians travelling there a few years ago. Can you help me in finding out more about it?
Kind regards
SPECIAL THANKS to Chuck Roth for emailing EAST COAST SURF SURF SHOP SHOP CUSTOM BOARDS BT CAMPBELL logo and Billy Burns for emailing very old GORDON & SMITH SURFBOARDS logo.
BARRY BENNET SURFBOARDS, FRANK WILLIAMS SHAPER hi mate, im just wondering what year frank williams would of shaped for barry bennet, im curious as i have a bb board shaped by him, it is a single fin. any help would be much appreciated as i would love to restore this board but a little scared to if it is a rare piece, and would love to keep it in its original condition. Also any other info would be great if possible

Kind regards
M Green
EAST COAST SURF SHOP CUSTOM BOARDS BY CAMPBELL Here's a photo from a late 60's, early 70's longboard I found. It says East Coast Surf Shop Custom boards by Campbell. Contact Chuck Roth if interested. Very nice noserider shape.
ALEXANDER SURFBOARDS Hi Michael, Somewhere in my photo collection I have a photo of, to the best of my  knowledge, the original Alexander's Surfboards logo being painted by  Alexander on his surfboard shop on PCH in Newport Beach CA, circa  1966. I bought my first custom surfboard from him. It's a B&W photo 
taken with a Brownie camera
Scott Adie
Gyford Productions
Marketing & Graphics

ED NOTE: Woww, what else passed thru that Brownie Lens, love to see.
HUNTINGTON SURFBOARDS Do you have any info on Hunington Surfboards ? I finally found a logo in your library which is the only item i have been able to find. I purchased the board about 18 years ago in a warehouse. Approx 8ft, green tape off pigment, single balsa stringer, wood stringer skag, good shape. Maybe a garage board ?

EAST PACIFIC SURFBOARDS I would like to add my logo to your collection , (East Pacific Surfboards) of Carpinteria Ca. Shaped by Mark A. Carter <mjhmcarter@gmail.com>

TIKI SURFBOARDS I enjoyed your site recently but wanted to let you know that in 1985 we acquired by notification, use & custom the rights to the name, graphics, and other property rights of Tiki Surfboards.

At that time, V.I.P. was a defunct company with no registered or traceable successors in interest. Through communications with numerous knowledgable individuals in the industry we were able to determine that any trademark or copyrights had been allowed to expire or were not being defended. Now, 24 years of open and notorius use later, we are the holders of these interests and still in the business of making Tiki Surfboards.

Nick 'da Tikiman' Anderson
Tiki Sports, Inc
Nick Anderson C21-Today <nanderson@century21today.com>

ED NOTE: I'm no Trademark Attorney but my guess is "Tiki" would be considered generic public word not eligble for trademark. Just my two cent opinion.

ORCA SURFBOARDS Hi,  this may be a long shot, but I figured I'd ask.  This is a board I bought today off of craigslist way out her in the armpit of the country.  Oh I mean New Jersey, sorry.  I grew up in Kailua so I'm kind of partial to palm trees.  Anyway this guy bought it new in 63 here in NJ.  Is there any information you may be able to provide that can steer me in the right direction as far as finding out where this board came from?  I know, I said it was a long shot.  It is in super great condition and I cant find anything wrong with it except for the dust and dirt.  Anything would be appreciated.  Jim Cornelius  jkimo1@msn.com
Revelation Surf Co. Hi Michael, I'm Randy Weir, owner and shaper for RSC - Revelation Surf Co. I just had a guy find me on your site ... he must of lost my number so he emailed me and pointed out to me that my email adress is wrong on your site.  My email adress is suppose to be revsurfcompany@sbcgloba.net (rev ... surf... company).  If you could change it I would really appreciate it.
I was looking over your site and the story of Stanleys ... boy I miss that place. I moved to Ventura in 1985 but use to surf it in the late 60's and early 70's befor they put the freeway up!
I can still close my eyes and see a tube ride I got while a guy paddled by and looked at me inside the tube ... I could see him and the fire station behind him ... it was GREAT and still is a GREAT memory! That place always seemed to have waves when other places didn't. Long live Stanleys!
Well ... got to go ... Later
Randy Weir
MELIAKAI SURFBOARDS Stanley's, I would like to submit a logo I've come across a couple of times. It's from a shaper up in Oregon, can't remember his name, but the boards I've seen have been great, so is the logo. Thanks!!!


ED NOTE: Our thanks to you and all others who take the time to email logos!



Hey Paul,

I was out of town all weekend. The board you made me works amazing. It's really fast down the line and very responsive. The flat bottom with the contour seems to be a great combination allowing the board to turn on a dime! I would recommend this same set-up for anyone who wants a good all around log. I rode the board in waist to chest high plus surf and in ankle to knee high waves and it was great either way! Everybody that has checked out this board says it looks insane and reminds them of a board with all the advances of a new 2009 with the beautiful features that were in a Board from the 60's.

Thanks again,

Surf Junkie Jeff


The boards that are already made are available to anyone who is willing to send me a reasonable offer. No reasonable offer will be turned down. Thank you,




INSPIRATION SURFBOARDS From the 70's Cocoa Beach Fla. George Panton shaper & owner of Inspiration Surfboards & I think it was Cocoa Beach Surf Shop. One of the top shapers in Central Florida through the 70's. My first new board, and my first experience ordering a custom board and watching it shaped to my dimensions. Great Guy.




COOPERFISH! hey everybody, come to my party if you're able spread the word thanks, gene


ED: In addition to being the master craftsman of fine surfboards, Gene's love for photography has led him down yet another road. BTW congrats on your recent retirement from your public service in the LAFD Brother! Whoot! more time to surf, carve masterpieces and play!

SPINDRIFT Great talking to You! And thank you for everything Your doing to keep the real surfing industry alive! Thank God for the few of us that love this sport and want it to last for future kids!
anyway! Here is a logo that You have never seen, at least I have never seen it before, and thought I had seen every logo that Rich Reed and Hawk had done! Spin and Drift, Ha, I hope Rich looks at your site at times. and here are some more of Mine! If I were to die tomorrow, at lest You would help Me to live a little bit longer!

Thanks! TP Tim Phares

ED: thanks tp without all contributions like yours this site wouldnt exist.


BRUCE FOWLER This is a terrific story of an 'aging ripper' that was told by his doctor "not to surf" as the physical condition he had would only be made worse by surfing.
Fountain of Youth

MIKE SALISBURY great job. i think all of my designs are there except for the
original style gordon and smith.

michael salisbury <mikesalisburyllc@gmail.com>
SUNBIRD SURF DESIGNS Hello Michael, have picked up this Pintail (I live in Australia) and know very little of its origins and was stoked to see this logo on your site link below. http://www.surfcrazy.com/stanleys/surflogosS/sunbird.gif There are pic’s of my board attached I would really love to know more about the shaper, where he was based etc and how long they operated etc. The board has had its original fin replaced but looks great otherwise, in pic number 80 you can see a name and number (Mark 5827) as I said before just hanging out to get more info on this board. Thanks in advance Patrick <patrickquirk@optusnet.com.au>

Andy Anderson: All I have on Sunbird is by Donny Alcroft out of Tourquay, Aus, 80s-90s.


Thanks for sending logos and info:

I have a 6'6" Seagull surfboard by John Holly. I saw a few similar logos that are on the front (top) of the board, but nowhere did I see the actual seagull, which is in black on the bottom of the board up by the tip. I have attached both logos. Very interesting site. Thank you, Bob Matthews  Massachusetts

This is the label from my 5'4" Fish Kneeboard c1977.  I bought it new at the Frog House in Newport Beach, CA Shaped by Bob Kizanis (RGK surfboards) He shaped for Small Faces Surfboards too. Cheers, Marc Corney Hailey, Idaho

PETROGLYPH SURFBOARDS / HALEIWA BOY SURBOARDS Hi Mike, sorry I took so long to get back to you, traveling. Here are some pictures, or  you can lift from the blog for your Logo Library.  If this isn't what you want, let me know. I found some relic logos I used to make surfboards with these on the deck. And now I make the Petroglyph Surfboards. please send me a link so I can goto where you put it! Thanks, Gregory Hall WAVERIDER

HAUT SURFBOARDS Here is the "High Intensity Surf Design" Logo from Haut of Santa Cruz CA. Sid Miller

TRIS SURFBOARDS Tris surfboards from the 70s and still going strong today, bit of info here http://kernowkalling.blogspot.com/ (my blog with link to your site also) and here http://www.nmmc.co.uk/index.php?page=Collections&type=&id=192&choiceid=46

Cheers Sqz
Sqeez D'Souza <sqzdsouza@hotmail.com>
RICK SURFBOARDS Hi Michael, I've got an old Rick Surfboard with the logo like this one ( http://www.surfcrazy.com/stanleys/surflogosR/rick24.gif ).  I was wondering if you knew a little more about it, what years they made these and if it is worth anything.  it is in alright condition, it is 7' 4", and is shaped like a mini gun, very sleek and slender. 
Thanks in advance for any info.
DESIGN 1 Hi there, I have a 6foot 7 Design 1 built in 1971? I was shocked to see on your site. Do you have any information on this board? Designer, company, location?

thanks, mike weaver

WAVE WEAPONS FOX MODEL Dear Stanley, Can you please ask Dave V. too email me with photos of his wave weapons fox model board he has for sale allensemail@comcast.net

Much Thanks, Allen


Doug Roth Info wanted!DOUG ROTH SURFBOARDS INFO NEEDED Hey Mike, I’ve always wanted to do a feature on Doug Roth and his Goleta surf shop. Unfortunately, I can’t find much info on him or the shop. I’ve seen his logo on your site; do you have any more info by any chance?>

Thanks, Tom

ED NOTE: Please drop Tom an email with any info


THE STOLEN FOWLER This is a fun one, I borrowed Bill Robbin's old LB  I had made him 11 yrs ago. The board was all brown and dented and whatnot. I wanted to grab the template off it as someone had borrowed my template one day when I was still shaping in the quonset hut with Rennie, Lauren, Wayne, Max, Brom, and Kevin.

It was one of my fave planshapes, so I get this board from Bill. He loves the board, it had gotten stolen and he put out a reward and the board came back to him after being gone for a YEAR! So now I get it and it is all dented up and dark brown foam stains and such, and I decide, "hell, I'm just gonna give this board its due".

So I fixed her up and stuck it back in his storage, he saw it and called me up totally stoked. Now his board is up in the house instead of the basement! Plus he called me and said "I gotta go to bed early tonight so I can crack it in the morning on "my new board"!   LOL keep surfing, maintain the stoke! BF





there is also a cool pictorial here:


HANSEN SURFBOARDS Do you remember when Hansen opened a surfboard shop in Van Nuys.  It was near the corner of Saticoy and Louise next to what use to be called the Fish Bowl.  I purchased my  first new board from there.   It was  9’ 10” Hansen  powerflex.    I was also  a member of  a surf club  organized by the teen center  on  Victory.  We use to surf all the local and Ventura spots in the late 60s to mid 70s.  Malibu ,  Secas, County line,  C street , Stanleys , Pitas point. I could go on but you get my point.  Those days are gone but they were a bitchin.

George Kaplan

ED NOTE: Yeah George I bought a used longboard there once called "Stables Special". It was made by a guy who went to Granada Hills HS, sadly I forget his name now. Last night I was catching up with old surf Buddy John 'snake' Zuris up in Santa Cruz . Lost touch with him over 35+ yrs ago. We touched upon the subject of mid 60's-70's surfing. What an exciting time. The refinement of longboards. The introduction of the shortboard and most importantly the uncrowded surf. Indeed it was bitchin. ED.

Think the guy from Granada Hills High was Bud Cravens.  He was a Gym coach and he also made surf boards, sold building supplies  and had a surfing ( camp) school.  A friend of mine and I use to build surfboards out of my parents garage. He was the shaper and I was the glassier. We made a few for our friend and I would  purchase my supplies to do the  glassing from Bud.  I think a gallon of  laminating resin at the time was about $2.50.   I can’t believe that I still remember  this stuff.  This sure brings back a lot of fond memory.  Do you remember a surfing spot in Ventura that was near Stanley’s diner?  We use to call it monster fish but I am not sure if that was a name we used amongst my friends or if it was well known by that name.

One more thing. Don’t forget the introduction of the “Long John”  wet suit in the late 60s. Before that we were wearing divers vests that did a terrible job at keeping us warm.


ED NOTE: hey George, no it wasnt Bud. Bud lived 3 doors down from my best friend. Great craftsman he was but kinda snobby and arrogant toward us young bucks. We all hated seeing his 'surf school' show up. instant crowd. One summer in early 70's we were surfing k55 in baja. Bud shows up with school, unloads 10 kids. within an hour after their arrival one of the kids damn near got his leg severed from horrible fin gash thru muscle tendon and all behind his knee. Me and my buddies Ron Dorn and Terry Simcik used his board as a stretcher to get the kid up the steep bluff. Bud herded the rest of kids back in the van, loaded up his enormous surfboard racks with their boards and tore outta there in a cloud of dust heading for the border. Never found out how the kid made out. Never saw Bud or his school at the beach again.

fowler surfboardsFOWLER SURFBOARDS Custom for Gil Crabbe.....8'6"x23"x3" Fountain of Youth. Slight tri hull with BF's secret sauce formula. The perfect cure for aging rippers. This black and white target is the return to a target series I will be doing (variations but using the black and white as the main one)........pops nice on any color. I will get together other logos and send them to you......don't know if I sent the Rocky Point Surfboards label over to add to your collection..let me know if you want it. (sent) Rocky Pt. (Private label for Pete Rocky and his mom Eda who owned the Rocky Point Surfshop in Carpinteria around 1986-1989. The store was on Linden Avenue and had been Rincon Designs until Matt Moore vacated. Pete and Eda took it over.....a nice space actually not to far from the burger shack place by the beach park. They had Midget Smith supplying boards and a few other guys, but once I got their logos done and started supplying boards to them all the business shifted to me. The locals were stoked and after a few months Pete said they were selling more than Matt Moore, which is quite a feat as he is THE local for Carp. It was a great run until the landlord jacked the rent waaaay up and they ended up closing.

Such is life in the surf biz...............

Dead Shaper <deadshaper@gmail.com>

ED REPLY: Ahh ok, hmm wonder what that surf shack down frm foster freeze was in mid 80's. BTW in early 70's my old buddy Russ Fass resident of La Conchita at time had a shop briefly on Linden next to a bar by the liquor store, east side of st. I believe it was the first ever surf shop in Carp. He lost everything in a fire. Rumor had it bar owner torched the bar spreading to shop. It was lime green exterior w no sign called GOODTIME surfboards. It was rarely open, he was surfing all the time and ga ga over some chick.

Maybe the shop you're talking about is the thrift store place that has a ton of old wetsuits, boards, boogies, etc.????????

Fosters was on Carpinteria Ave. down half a block or so from corner of Linden and Carp. Ave. . The Eggception was there on the corner for awhile. Across the street on Linden and down aways was a shop that caried Matt Moore's boards. It was Pacific something or rather........maybe still there. It had other items other than a surfshop, and they opened another store in Las Vegas and were doing pretty well. For some reason I vaguely remember Goodtime Surfboards.........maybe.
If you continued down the same side of the strret (north side so to speak) you got to the building that had been Rincon Designs. Matt and Nan had it for quite awhile then they went thru a breakup and things fell apart. They eventually got back together. After the space went vacant, at some point Pete Rocky and his mom Eda, picked up the space and opened Rocky Point Surfshop. They had some boards from Midget Smith and a few other guys but Pete had started as a little kid on my boards and asked me to make them some boards. I suggested we use their logo and make a priate label for the locals because I would have to compete with Matt Moore who was raised in Carp. Matt was a friend and my factory even glassed his boards for a time.
Once I got into supplying Rocky Point, they immediately started selling my boards like crazy. I would drop off some boards and before I got back to the factory, I'd have a call...."this board is already gone". I was so stoked to supply them and was kicking ass from the get go........Midget's boards just sat while mine flew out the door. At oone point Pete told me they were selling more boards than Matt. That was quite a compliment to where I was at, and my Surfing Underground factory was buzzing with activity.

I've got some other pix of logos I'll send you maybe today if I can squeeze the time......

fowler surfboardsED: Are these stickers or lams? Those are stickers. There also laminates.. I did these and ended up hating them. I had begun TSU with the target, then in some half cocked phase of thinking I should be more "commercial" I did these. Honestly, they were a knockoff of the "Northshore" logo that Jack Shipley began in Hawaii, and I shaped the NOrthshore label here for a time during the 80's...probably around 85-87. The Northshore label was Shipley's 'underground' label in Hawaii, and Mark Richards even won the Eddie Aikau riding one at Waimea.

My knock off wasn't as good a label. Long story short, I came home to my target. Both Mke Croteau and I used the bulls eye aka target, and we had a talk about it. I knew Mike when I manged O'neill's in Santa Cruz (80-81).

Mike recently passed over and I am dedicating the return of the target to him......but I have also changed it up with an additional ring and keeping it black and white for now. The B&W pops on virtually every color and the extra ring is a strong graphic that doesn't have some hodad think "oh, look Target stores must be offering surfboards now".........

I have fond memories of surfing HBS (ka Mysto Spot 41) back in longboard days and later on with shortboards. Of course once short boards came in so did heavy localism. I'd usually opt for the bowl down between the jetties...it would get so good, and being a screwfoot lefts are hard to find in SB. Those rare southeasters at Backside Rincon were epic, and occasional big days with the right angle for V Overhead......but otherwise I was relegated to Jalama, the Islands (oh yeah, Talcott Shoal, Chinese, and Yellowbank aka MM). Sometimes upper Ranch in the summer at Lefts n Rights.

But I never have been picky as far as waves, heck, I'd go out in snarled windblown Sands because it was more interesting in some respects. The bottom line is, there are endless waves to be had if you AREN'T picky. Just to be able to ride a wave, any wave, is a luxury we are afforded in the 'free' world..........

HAWAII PAIPO DESIGNS Hi Surf crazy, You guys have a great site. Our log is even in it. How cool is that? I am owner of Hawaii Paipo Designs in Hawaii. We are doing a link update to our site www.Paipo.com. We have had a very good presence on the web for over 15 years. Check us out. We would like you to put our link on your site and we will put yours on ours. This will be good for both of our placements on the web. Please check us out and let me know. Thank you very much.

Paul Lindbergh
< paipohawaii@mac.com>


Mark Mayers ImageUSING ADOBE PRODUCTS FOR LOGO LAMINATES Hi there, I freelance writing tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and the editors are always looking for new subject material. Here's some of my work: http://psd.tutsplus.com/author/mark-mayers/ The current one I'm working on is how to 'Design, print and apply a surfboard decal.' It's sort of a live project, because I've designed a logo for a friend who's shaping me a new board. It's a 70's retro fish, so the logo has a classic diamond shape with a modern twist. It was great to see the article on your site about the classic logo designs. Can I link to it in the tutorial, and also use some of the text that refers to the 'classic logo laminate shapes' as inspiration for the reader: ''These logos set the standard by which all others are judged. Even without typography their unique geometric shapes are recognized by surfers world wide. Most contemporary surfboard logos derive from these examples. As I said, I'll give you a link and credit for the text in the tutorial. I'll redraw the blank classic logo shapes too for the purpose of the tutorial if that's OK. Enclosed is the decal being applied. Hope to speak soon.

Mark Mayers


THE CAPTAIN CHECKS IN This is the captain calling. I don’t remember that we actually met, but I knew your pals who migrated up to Mendocino over 20 years ago. I used to read their copy of the Gold Coast Surf News. Is this web site the modern evolution of that news? I made an early surf video called “Northern Exposures” about surfing up there in Mendoland of which I think you got a copy. Well I don’t live up there anymore. Moved to Kona and then back to Central Cali, but I’m still making videos about surfing, local kine no pros to speak of, just rootsy surfing. So anyways I am now trying to sell these videos and was wondering if you could market “Estero Island” on your site? My goal is to expand the boundarys of the current film, just San Luis Obispo Co., and maybe get some new filming equipment, not planning on making it rich yet. So if this is you, I’d like to send you a copy to check out and if it’s not you hey man! The same deal. Let me know.

Mahalo, Capt

Mike, I really enjoyed checking out your site. Those old stories about Stanley’s were excellent and did jog the memory a bit. I, too, put in many hours at Stanley’s/Oil piers/Hobson’s etc. as a youth. However, this was B.C. (before cannabis) so either I can’t remember any of the good stories or it was too early in the morning. Isn’t that what they say about the whole 60’s, if you can remember them then you weren’t there! Say, right now I don’t have a web site at all, but here a jpeg file of the cover of the latest video.”EI” Remix is 1 hour long and has the best sequences from all recent work plus new original sound track. Just local guys and maybe some travelers surfing at our venues, I even added some comic relief with John Wocjeck board stacking from those other old days. I am asking $20. for a DVD. I have a mailing address of Stewart Asher PO Box 613, Cayucos CA 93430. I prefer money orders written to me. What’s your address so I can mail you a copy. Maybe you can give me a review or something. I had one once in Deep Magazine Jan 2008 for the last video but not much response so I’m ready for new times. I am planning more trips south this year as one of my daughters now lives in LA. So we may meet up soon.

Mahalo, Capt


JIM PHILLIPS, YOUNT, JIM OVERLIN: This is a Yount surfboard sticker logo from Santa Cruz, CA around 1960,>> the art was done by me. It is documented here... http://www.surfwarez.com/ProductDetails.aspx?PID=1516&c=1

Yount trivia: One of the Yount brothers, Dick Yount, became famous as member of the band Harper's Bizarre with their famous hit from some time around 1966 titled Feeling Groovy.

This is an OVERLIN surfboard sticker logo from Santa Cruz, CA 1970. I worked there, and was the artist of this sticker that was used then.

Thanks Jim Phillips

GARY OXLEY SURFBOARDS Hi Do you have information about where you got the logo pictures. I shaped and glassed these boards my self and do not own one. I would like to buy it.

Gary Oxley

GRAPHLITE SURFBOARDS Hi, here's another one for the archive. Graphlite opened a shop in Malibu, at PCH and Kanan Dume Rd. in the late '70s. Their thing was super strong boards with carbon graphite stringers and kevlar cloth. These boards would never snap, but they still got lots of pressure dings. A few years later, the shop moved to a spot right across the PCH from Topanga point, where the Reel Inn is now. They lasted through the mid '80s and then disappeared. This board, a single fin pintail, was never that good. I got it in a trade I believe. I also had a really fun Graphlite thruster shaped by Dave Johnson of Santa Barbara which, stupidly, I sold.

Robert Loose

NORSK SURFBOARDS Hey A friend of mine found 2 norsk pop out boards in good condition. How much are these worth?.. they are light blue with the stainless steel bolts in them.

Daniel Gutesell
WAVE TREK: Web Master,I enjoy your site and often look at your logo collection. I recently realized that you are missing one of my logos. I've included a picture of a 70s era board with a 70s log on it and also the link to a page with a picture of an unused logo. The unused logo was blown up and unfortunately isn't a smooth as the original is.

Thanks for your efforts.



ROBERTS SURFBOARDS-PLAYA DEL REY: Nice to know Milner is still alive and well. The burger joint Lance B. was talking about is probably "The Shack" at the end of Culver Blvd in del Rey. In the late sixties, early seventies the cook on the weekend was an ex-marine named Roger Erickson who was in Nam mid sixties. He eventually ended up in Hawaii riding the big stuff with Ken Bradshaw and the others. It was the beginning of the short board era and the main shaper at the time was Stan B. There was another surf spot at the jetty south of "Toes" called Tarenton's. The story was that the kids would smoke and leave their Tarenton cigarette butts in the sand by the jetty. That spot was directly west of the shop and an easy walk. Nice left off the jetty and a small right a litte to the north. Most of the crew were from Venice and surfed del Rey and Bay St. in Santa Monica (pre Z-boys). As you mentioned, the shop was low key and low tech, but you could still get special order stuff if needed. I ordered my first wetsuit from O'Neil thru them. I remember Bob saying, "They had to bring in Omar the tent maker to make your wetsuit!" He was always joking around with us. It was a fun time hanging out there and think about it to this day.

Jeff Taniyama
San Diego, Ca

SHANE SURFBOARDS - PACIFIC DREAMS SURFBOARDS AUS: Hi Michael, My name is Alan Meehan i have worked in the surfboard industry for 39 years as a screenprinter,on the east coast of australia the last 19yrs with pacific dreams surfboards newcastle .Over the years i have done countless designs and board laminates for a lot of board makers around australia and the us as i started with shane surfboards when i was 16 some of which you have in your collection and some you don,t .what i will do is go through all my old artwork and samples and scan what i can for your collection, its a great piece of work you have done and brought back some of the designs i have not seen for years .
thanks Alan Meehan <starnut01@yahoo.com.au>

ED NOTE: We hope to hear and see more from Alan soon, any other screenprinters out there we'd love to feature and post your stuff too! These craftman are the unsung heros of the surfboard industry.

DAN LITTLE/OCEAN PACIFIC: Michael... thanks to your site, and Rick Houle from Hammer Graphics finding it, Dan Little has been found! Wow... this is better than Facebook because it comes with an ocean breeze! I went to the site Rick listed and within a coupe of days Dan was online! He's doing great in every possible way and he related a story to me that lit me up!

It's the stuff of true surf lore! Now remember this was a long time ago. The revolution was on in shortboards and I needed a psychedelic logo for Surfboards America. I had just found his company. Some of the rice paper back then was like clear cardboard! (It was so stiff it would cause the glass to pull away from the foam as it straightened up. Guys back then would lay a logo under the lam, cover it with wax paper and put a brick on it til it dried.). Dan was one of the largest high production shirt screeners in the country. I came to him with a concept and an order for decals and probably four dozen shirts (he must have been amused at this little surf rat standing before him!). He wrote: "I remember the rice paper decals we printed, I finally got it down and was doing quite a few of them for a lot of surfshops, which brought me in contact with Hang Ten who introduced me to this little start up surf company called Ocean Pacific who I believed in, and signed an exclusive deal to make their shirts. Well, needless to say that was one of the smartest things I ever did. I was able to retire and move to a ranch in Oregon in 1990 and was happily playing golf every day when my oldest son wanted to be in the silkscreen business, so here I am again." Wow, again.

Dan played a bigger part in the development of the culture than I knew! The 60's and 70's were definitely the "soul surfing" years. A lot of the professional surfers were guys who made their living building boards and surfing as much as they could. Boards were cheap. Wages were low. Team members got free boards and shirts, but the money wasn't there at all. It was the clothing guys who brought a lot of the money into the sport and who began sponsoring the world circuits. Thanks Dan... for believing in OP... and giving all the grom's today a foundation to stand on! Hey Mike.... none of this would be coming to light if you hadn't sown your life into Stanley's! Thanks from a million of us! Rock on buddy! Cere!

ED NOTE: The Valley has been dismissed so long as the cowboy backwater okie patch most notably by Dora and locals far and wide. Truth is its been the innovative hot bed for cutting edge creativity since early 1900's. Home of hollywoods most famous studios, film locations for early and current film shorts, not to mention the incredible car culture, customs, hot rod, racing shops etc that dot the landscape. Makes me laugh, locals dising Val's while wearing op clothing.

CREAM SURF CO: Hey There Robbie Page here, I am founder and visionary of Cream Surf Company Limited. I am so excited to introduce to the world surfing markets Australia's newest and most powerfully authentic surfing company. You can find out more at www.creamsurfing.com

For those of you that do not know me I am a professional surfer, former top ten in the world with a pipeline masters title, two Australian titles, as well as also being the current Australian masters champion. For eight years I have been conducting research and development of Cream Surfing technologies. Cream’s new recyclable, high strength surfboard technology and the newest, stickiest high melt point surf wax formula has the ability to transform the surfing experience.

It has taken a lot of blood, sweet and surfing to get to this point. With that in mind I would love your feedback. If you can visit www.creamsurfing.com you can leave us a comment.You can also check out more about us at www.assob.com.au/crm

All the best

ED NOTE: :Love the name... Crossroads anyone?

Hey again,
I got to admit I am overwhelmed with the response from our the introduction to Cream Surfing. Thankyou all so much for your kind comments. Many of you asked about the ASSOB link as when you went there you were asked to subscribe. Cream Surf Company is listed on ASSOB. ASSOB is Australia's largest unlisted securities platform.
So if you want to check us out you will need to subscribe due to Australia corporations law.

Again thankyou all for your comments.
Have a great day.

All the best

FROSTSURFBOARDS: HI.My name is kristian breivik,founder of FROSTSURFBOARDS in norway. I have been making boards for the Vikings for more than ten years now,still going strong. I stumbeled over your site and toght maybe you would like to se MY logo. Thanx for a fantastic site.

Best regards kristian ,aka UNCLE FROST. "Line" <line@truewan.co.za>

ED NOTE: geezes, do they make 10 mils ?

MONSTER SURFBOARDS: Hi!! We started a new brand of custom boards called Monster. As we spent a lot of time investigating in your surfboard logo library, just to see stuff to find out ideas to create our own, we feel the must to send our little grain of sand. We actually live in Bilbao, close to Mundaka in the Basque Country, and this will be our web site in a moth (I hope so). We both studied Fine Arts,so it won´t take us too long to have a lot images arround the brand that we´ll be gratefull to see included on the list, if you are interested, of course. Thank for the time and the effort! Nice job indeed.


MONSTER surfboards <monster@amazinghorrorsurfing.com>
STS GRAPHICS: Just happened to come across a blog on surfcrazy.com and you were asking about Dan Little and STS Graphics. I was Dan's Art Director for most of the companie's life as Ocean Pacific Screen Prints. It just so happens that his son JR acquired the STS Graphics name a few years back and they're back in business. Here's their site...

Dan's also got a Military Style T-Shirt gig... http://www.coldforgedusa.com/shop/catalog/index.php
Hope this helps. I was looking up some info on my old California Foam Board I bought new back in the 70s when I saw your post. I've been hanging on to it mostly for sentimental value though it doesn't do me much good out here in Vegas.

Rick Houle
Hammer Grafix
cp: 702-524-1669
Please visit my Web site...

ED NOTE: This page existed when "blog" was a noise coming outta the bathroom when somone over imbibed... Call it what you want,.. idk

FELIX SURFBOARDS Mike, was looking at your web site and saw all your board labels and was wondering if you had ever heard of Surfboards by Felix of San Diego. I have a board that has this label on it. The label reads" custom surfboards by Felix San Diego. The picture is of a stick cat drawing riding a surfboard. Any information on the board? I'm pretty sure it is early 60's board with a great lam skagg. Any info let me know. Bill Halpin <halpin.w@mccd.edu>
ED NOTE: Special thanks for recent logos, Paul McNeil, AUS, SEA SURFBOARDS, David Falkenau, Falkenau Surfboards and Artisan Surf Designs, Aleshia Hancock, AUS. JYE BYRNS SURFBOARDS, John Romano DESIGN 1 , Tye Saunders OCEANSLAVE SURFBOARDS, Sergio Gonzales Alonso, ESP, SUBLIME SURFBOARDS, Cary Holt, Unknown Logo
VECTOR VEHICLES / SILVERSTRAND SURFBOARDS: Hey Stanleys. i saw your list of local shapers and found my Dads old label 'vector vehicles' on there. i noticed there was no phone number so i thought i should give it to you. 805 207 5131. Although he stopped shaping professionally around 94', i finally convinced him to start shaping again. so tell all your friends, let them know if they want new board to give him a ring. Vector vehicles or "silverstrand surfboards" is back in business. and no, he won't shape you a longboard. but he might reshape an old board if you have the serial number.

thats all,
-Alex Wallace <waldosurfdudejr@yahoo.com>

ED NOTE: Cool, welcome back to the Planer Pop!
DAVIS DIVISION Hello! I am the founder of Davis Division. It is a new surfboard company from Santa Cruz. I have worked for many of the major surf companies -in the background- and am producing my own boards again. Attached is my logo. I would be honored to be included. My new web page just came up yesterday and is www.davisdivision.com Please have a look when you have time. PS, about 15 years ago I founded hammer surfboards which at that time was based in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I lost it through some bad management to a group that has since licensed the logo out to a glass shop in Hood river Oregon. Sound like a familiar story…

Mahalo, Corey Davis


FROST SURFBOARDS HI. My name is kristian breivik,founder of FROSTSURFBOARDS in norway.I have been making boards for the Vikings for more than ten years now,still going strong. I stumbeled over your site and toght maybe you would like to se MY logo. Thanx for a fantastic site.

Best regards kristian ,aka UNCLE FROST. <line@truewan.co.za>

CERE CHECKS IN... Hey Michael... Cere here! Wow the site is working really well! Have had a few great blasts from the past this last month. Rick Brown from the Board House (Oceanstrand Surfboards) dropped me a line from the site. Then today got a line from Norm Peck who shared a great story from the 70's about Ernie Tanaka! Norm would buy milled blanks from me, take them home to shape them out, then take them over to Ernie's for glassing (he did such a great job!). These are Norm's words: "I didn't have a planer so you milled the blanks for me and I would hand finish them. Actually, Ernie would take out the bumps & dips before glassing (He didn't tell me until sometime later, to spare my pride) what a great guy He was! At first I was amazed at how much better they looked after glassing, then I realized my shaping skills couldn't have improved that quickly and with a grin, he eventually copped to the good deeds. I was glad to volunteer to sweep out his shaping room and that summer my board building skills took a quantum leap." Wow! There was a lot of that going on in the old days of surfing. It was competitive, but it was more like the competition between brothers than rivals. We took care of our business... but we were open to helping others do theirs too. Norm shared what he was learning with another up and coming valley shaper named Ken Polinski of Inner Vision Surfboards. It reminded me of George Reber, another backyard guy who we helped get going. There were a couple of other guys always hanging around, learning the craft, doing their thing too. And every shop had them! It was great! Norm also shared another great story about an experience at the original Val Surf: "When I was about 16, "Pops" kicked me and my friends out when Craig Leiberman, the knuckle head in our group, was handling a new board. You guessed it, it slipped out of his hand and the whole display row fell like dominos. Thank GOD the last board remained standing. It would have crashed through the plate glass window. Eventually all was forgiven. I loved that old man." I'm not trying to steal his thunder in telling the stories... I'm hoping to whet his appetite in seeing his experiences published so he'll bring more to the table! Don Cason, of DC Surfboards, Freeport, TX was here over the weekend and I encouraged him to sit down and write some of his incredible stories. He and Andy Anderson have talked and somehow he thought the stuff he was sending to Andy was also making it to you... I really hope he will send you some of his stuff for the logo library and the archives! Michael... thanks buddy... you rock for putting hits all together!

NEPTUNE SURFBOARDS A graphic artist friend created the logos, after I told him I liked the Neptune’s Trident concept as a surfboard logo. I print the logos on rice paper using an Epson ink jet printer. I’ve been told that the Durabrite ink in Epson printers is stable in sunlight and the laminates won’t fade. My oldest board with one of those logos is about 5 yrs old and looks fine. I have major trouble finding 8.5” x 11” sheets of rice paper that will pull through the printer without jamming. I can no longer find the one brand I liked with a slightly tougher stock that would pull through the printer cleanly.

Mike Powell <Michael.Powell@state.de.us>

Thanks for sending logos! Brent Duty <brentduty@yahoo.com>, Gary McAulay <gary.mcaulay@gmail.com>, Gene Douthit <shamrockforge@sbcglobal.net>
ABERCROMBIE & FITCH SURFBOARD yes indeed the sporting/ clothing store! logo "floating" in 3" resin filled hole between the off-set stringers. may have been made by bohemian surfboards,definite "pop-out" foam, w/involvement of paul hunt. fin is not original, understand that it had a strange metal fin box? any additional info from you dialed in collectors out there would indeed be appreciated! always enjoy a trip to the logo library.....byron h2owish@cox.net

CORKSCREW SURFBOARDS Hey yet, My name is Larry McRae im here in palm beach FL, the name of the board is (corkscrew) started shaping in the late 80s self tought. lol before there were videos, kinda of got out of the board scene around the mid to late 90s did some here and there for just friends, now im going back in with both feet after a 9 year breal, Here is one of my logos fron the early 90s' and here is the artwork on the new stuff, hopefully in a week I'll be using my new logos, waiting on the lam work as we speak, I'm just getting back in the shaping scene again lol. This iss such a cool ass website, really really cool seeing some of the old school stuff Larry

ED NOTE: thanks for kind words old school, new school carving sculpture to dance on water, what a gas. A happy birthday to the first man recorded to walk on water today his birthday!

DELTA SURFBOARDS Found on craigslist in New Jersey (board is suspected to be an early 60's pop out). Thanks for the comprehensive logo library!!!!
Dan Roscioli <drosco72@hotmail.com>
Ed Note: Nice one too, see gallery 'D'. Thanks for kind words
PSYCHE SURFBOARDS /CERE Just read Robin Daniels blurb about Psyche Surfboards. Hey Robin... I remember Diablo, but I don't remember Bob Seaman shaping for Psyche. I'm trying hard to remember you.. but can't seem to pick it out of this old brain. By the dates you posted, you would have been around in Doug Williams days at the shop. Felker was the first shaper for Psyche... I ended up with his Rockwell hog. Psyche had to have the most obnoxious decal in surfboard history! It always reminded me of a carnival advertisement! But the boards were fun... and so were those days! We may be the only two guys left on the planet who remember those wild and crazy days at the Surf Center.

Hey Robin... if you scroll down to the first CME Surfboards comment, you can read more about Bob Pemberton and the shop. Cere Muscarella
PSYCHE SURFBOARDS / BOB PEMBERTON Over the summer of 68, I worked with Bob setting up a shop in the west valley accross from a Builders Emporium, for Psyche Surfboards. As I remember, IRS problems brought him down (at least this is what I was told by a agent as he was preparing my penalty for unpaid taxes). Interestingly, with all the historical stuff relating to the early surf industry, no remnant of "Psyche" seems to have survived. An old Samohi friend of mine, Roy Seaman (Latigo beach, shaper for Con) shaped quite a few boards, but it seems nothing survives today. Just a memory of the baddest guard dog (Diablo) I ever had the misfortune to know. Just curious to see if you knew of Psyche.
Robin Daniels <ojairob1@yahoo.com>
INDIAN SURFBOARDS To Whom it may concern: My name is Alex. I'm interested in finding out about the company/board maker for INDIAN sufboards. I was wondering if youd be able to help me with any information about them. We are a board company in Florida which recently came across your site and the Indian surfboard.
Thanks for your time, Alex
arturo vassallo <aavassallo@yahoo.com>
DIFFENDERFER Greetings,As an old east coast surfer (54 yrs), with a unique last name, I am looking to attain a replicable logo for Diffenderfer Surfboards so I can produce a few t-shirts for myself. Do you know where I can get a high quality digital file of the logo?
Thanks for your help,
Scott Diffenderfer <scott@messianicisrael.com>
CBBOARDS Here is my logo.
Raffa Paglia <cbboards@yahoo.com>
Carolina Beach boards
tel. 910.368.7890
SURFBOARDS BY DRAKE NOBEL: Hello, I'm trying to find surfboards that were made by Drake Noble in Oregon. I Googled it and found that you were one of the people that had his name in the search. Do you know where I can get one?
Thank you,
Nancy McCarty <nmccarty3@cox.net>

ED REPLY: Gosh i sure don't know where you'd get one, keep eyes pealed on ebay and I'll post a request for same on my site. Thanks for emailing.

Hello Michael, Thank you for getting back with me. It will be hard to find, but I'm determined to find one. Personal reasons. I could actually find one pretty easy, but......well you see, he's my step-uncle. He passed away a few years ago. My step-aunt (his sister) just passed away as well. Both just barely in their 50's. Drake made surfboards and loved to surf. So did his sister. In memory of both of them, I would love to get one of his surfboards and take it to Long Beach (where they were born and her and I would always go) and in their memory take his surfboard out in the sea so I could say my goodbyes to them both.

I naturally could ask my step-dad. (Drake's brother) But I just don't want to hurt anyone and bring up their passings. You know? Especially his wife. This is for me to say goodbye to them both with a wonderful memory.

Sorry, so personal. I'm just trying so hard to find one without having to get my family involved, and possibly hurt them.

Thank you again for posting a request on your site. I sure hope I could get one.
GREG NOLL DA CAT MODEL: Hello, I wounder if u could help me...I'm an East Coast grarge board builder helping a friend restore a vintage Greg Noll Da Cat...The only thing thats holding us up is there the board has a delam right under the "Da Cat" logo...Would you know of a place were we could buy a logo to replace the orignal one...?Any help would be greatly appericated...! Thanks in advance,sincerly,
Brian Albrecht..<noseride@optonline.net>

ED response:. Brian, I feel for ya man but no way are you gonna come up with a Da Cat laminate unless you recreate it yourself. Theres three ways to do it. 1. learn screenprinting (speedball makes a kit available at art supply stores) make screen for each color, red, white and black, print rice paper. 2. find a screen printer. 3. recreate on computer and print rice with inkjet printer. Cost for first 2 approaches 100. on up. 3rd 25. for rice paper. If board is pro repaired it could fetch 1000's so investing in a pro logo 100.-200. might be a good investment.

Hey Mike,That's what was asking you...Do you know of anybody that has, sells, makes, a "pro" logo...?I don't care if it's recreated... I figured that I'd never get an original...Thanks in advance,sincerly,Brian Albrecht.. P.S...Very COOL web-site...could have spent the whole day on there...How on earth did you find all those Logo's...?

ED response: Brian, No I know no one who sells,makes,a "pro" logo. Copyright infringement makes these things a 'sticky' issue. Thats why i said 'recreate it yourself'. Contact 'Silkworm' in Ventura... he might do it. Tell him Mike from Stanley's Surf Gear sent ya.

Silkworm Screen Printing
3533 Arundell Cir Ste M
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone: (805) 650-7876

BEAR SURFBOARDS To whom it may concern... I'm a shaper and repair guy in Michigan. I have an old Bear surfboard that needs to be fully restored. I need to get my hands on Bear laminates of two different sizes. I'm busy as hell!!! I need to find these laminates and have no luck with the company themselves. I've redone Robert August boards and Ricky Carroll and they have supported with the laminates. If you can help in any way I would be grateful.

If you know a channel please help, as this is hard to find,
Marty Karish, <slyfox@chartermi.net>
No Quarter Surfboards
Cell # - 1 - 616 - 502 - 9784

Thanks for the response, I know what your saying.... it's even hard to find a decent picture of the logo, to copy and print. Thanks for your time. Check it out..... we will be able to surf Gustav on Friday in the lakes !! Good Times, thanks again.
BIG JONS SURFBOARDS Hi, Thought you might like the logo's from BJ's or Big Jon's
Surfboards. Is the guy who worked for Mambo and Bodyglove. A good mate of mine, trying to do an ethical business. Drag the logo's www.bjsurf.comHope you like em!
Jonny <ethos-creative@brand-consultant.biz>
ROSSER SURFBOARDS Rosser Surfboards out Whittier, California. Early 60's. I know the sticker existed, don't know how many they made or when they stopped making them, but were fairly popular in that area. Any clue?

Dano Martin <boneyardz@aol.com>
INNER MOTION SURFBOARDS Hey guys – Mike Cole started out shaping “Inner Motion” surfboards on Long Beach Island in the 70’s, as a matter of fact, I bought one of his first prototype boards, a 5’10 yellow and black winged pseudo-squash tail, then I bought a 5’11 winged swallow tail twin with channels and they all were under the name “Inner Motion”. Any idea whatever happened to him?

Chris Beriont

ED NOTE: Ok Jersey Riders... here's your surfboard trivia question of the day.

PERFECT BALANCE SURFBOARDS Hi, Fred here. I have a 'Perfect Balance' stick. I don't see it in your list? I have a partial logo in the back I'm going to photoshop up a bit, but the front one is virtually gone, If you want, I'll send you what I've got.
Fred Moffatt <fredmoffatt@sbcglobal.net>

ED NOTE: Looking for any and all PERFECT BALANCE logos...
WIRED / FATUM hi dude saw your site - its awesome! just thought i'd throw another one at you.
all the best g
"Gui Seiz" <gseiz@runbox.com>
CHAPMAN TURNER SURFBOARDS Chapman Turner Surfboards logo from 1973. Jim Turner and Gary Chapman opened a shop in Jacksonville, Florida for a brief time in 72-73.

ROLAND SURFBOARDS Rick Surfboards made these Roland twinfins in 1971, as a signature model for East Coast Champion Joe Roland.
"Mitch Kaufmann" <mitch@radicalside.com>
CREATIVE VISIONS/NEILSON SHAPES SURFBOARDS The Shaper is Tom neilson, out of Brevard County. He has a shop in Cocoa Beach with a shaping room in Satellite Beach.Creative Visions was his old label, before Neilson Shapes. However, the popularity of the logo has lead him to bring it back.You can see the surfboard with the mandala as well as the Neilson logo, that one was mine as well as the other white one, which represented the first of a new batch of the old logo, and bringing back the label into production early this summer/late spring of this year. Also, here are 2 more pictures of a slight variation on the Nuuhiwa logo.
mahalo,Yannick <ygk007@yahoo.com>
BALSA BILL Great site Here's one for you...
Balsa Bill <bill@balsabill.com>

FOX WAVE WEAPONS Hey, Hows it going? Very cool site. I have been looking for a picture or something of a Fox wave weapons for a long time. I had one when I was really young. Do you know of anyone who has one of these boards for sale. I would love to own one again. Thanks
"DavidHapaala" <DavidHapaala@bellsouth.net>

Dear stanley
theres a guy who is looking for a wave wepons fox model I have one i keep trying to send him a e mail with the adress you provided after his comm. But it keeps coming back. davidhapaala@bellsouth.net is the e mail adress but it keeps sending it back to me. do you still have it in your mailbox it was the last post in your comm page. Please please would you give him my number xxx-415-7075 my name is Dave
thanks a million
Dave V.

BRADSHAW HAWAII Hi! I came across a link to your site of surf logos on the FL surfing forum 2ndLight.com. I saw two Bradshaw logos. I have another I thought you might be interested in. The color scheme is typical of what was seen in the mid-80s. A photo is attached. Hope you can use it!
Thanks! Rick< leesurfer@aol.com>
KON TIKI SURFBOARDS Have you heard of "Kon Tiki": 9 ft 4in , 22 in x 3in., center redwood strip, 35 lbs., commercialy made around 1960.?
"Larry Ludwick" <lrrlud@cox.net>
HAPPINESS SURFBOARDS In your surfboard logo library I notice you have one from "Happiness Surfboards" Cocoa Beach, Fl. I have a circa 1968 7'2" surfboard, pin tail, slight vee bottom and a spoon nose. It's an awesome board. It comes from Cocoa Beach and it has the "Happiness" right next to the stringer near the tail. I wonder if you know any more about Happiness Surfboards and their story. I'd like to find out more information about my board.

- Mike Turner <mturner@turners.ws>


Gary Hughes <garyhughes@cruzio.com>

ED NOTE: Short n sweet...

Kelly Slater Greg PollackRISE SURFBOARDS Thanks for keeping records for the past, it's invaluable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

For the record, we're still alive under the "Registered Trademark", doing customs only in NJ with Tom Eadon, Paul Baymore (Fly) & Jim Barnes (Legend), and "not" that Texas imposter at http://www.risesurf.com/boards.html I know what happened to Tinker (Carl West) with "Challenger Eastern". I'm from those days and he and I have had a chat, "bad karma"..... That's not going to go down here. They have been warned.

Photos attached. The 9'2" solid balsa is for the Surfrider Foundation as a fundraiser for the "Ohanna Club" in the NY/NJ area. Slater again supported the SF - Jersey Shore Chapter and I offered up to the Chapter a 5'2' "Tri-sh" board he kindly signed

Greg Pollack <G.Pollack@WestonSolutions.com>
Rise Surfboards
WILKEN SURFBOARDS Found a picture of this old Wilken block wave logo with cooper black lettering used circa 1968-1970. More to come. Wilken Surfboards, Robbie Dick Model logo used on boards and t-shirts circa 1968-69± All Wilken Surfboard logos copyright Rich Wilken 2008

Richard Wilken

Steven Mast here. I began shaping in 2002 and have done about 125 boards under this label here in San Diego. I had a booth at last years Sacred Craft Consumer Surfboard Expo and will again this year. My boards are built at Channin's in Encinitas. Thanks
BRUE-POMEROY SURFBOARDS Have you guys ever come across that name or decal?? My sister went out with Rod Brue, who teamed up with Lynn Pomeroy to form Brue / Pomeroy Surfboards ...........prob. !962- 1963ish.... Dana point ..San Clemente... Poche area. I was a shop rat, and made some fins for them. I know they had some decals made, not sure any still exist?? Any info??
Thanks, Kent Johns <comcon555@cox.net>

ED NOTE: Follow up...

Mike, To be more specific.......These guys had their shop next to Henry's Mex food., ( it's Olamedas Mex.food now) on PCH, just south of Doheny, and just north of Poche beach, between Capo beach and San Clemente..... One or both of them are prob, still alive ( 64 -65 yrs. ) just haven't heard of them since?? Don't think they built boards for more than 2yrs.?? This whole history thing is kinda interesting now that we know we won't last forever, and we were on the front end of something that gave the whole world something new to enjoy........
TAROA SURFBOARDS Taroa a "backyard" brand from Pleasure Point Santa Cruz. Mostly 1965 - 1988
:John Coffey <thegreenmile@sbcglobal.net>
EASTWINDS SURFBOARDS I just stumbled upon your site and saw you were showing an EastWinds Surfboards logo. Here's one of the original designs. I'll search for some of the others. This company was started in 1973 and is still in business today with the original owner/shaper Fred Cheney. He's located on Florida's Panhandle Gulf Coast, Fort Walton Beach. Fred has easly produced more surfboards on the Gulf Coast than any other shaper.
DK <newsletter@dkdancewear.com>
MOREY Hello, luv your sight, found some great shots of Pee Wee Shaw, i am selling his board that Tom Morey shaped mid sixties. Is he still around, would be stoked to let him know about his old board.
YOURS SURFING Simon Smith <smithschips@dodo.com.au>
PSYCHO, SURF WORLD, STELLAR SURFBOARDS Here are 2 Surf World Logos, Your collection is insane, I used to shape Psycho Surfboards thru college and I could not believe you had that one in the collection. Here is a 2nd Stellar Surfboard logo, Stellar is from South Florida. Also included is a Surf World logo under the glass. Killer Site
ED NOTE: Wow Psycho shaper, cool! Thanks so much for sending logos! Without all current shapers efforts, includining taking the time to email their logos the site would be a 'museum' totally dead.
OAK STREET SURFBOARDS Hey, I have an old Oak Street surfboard with the cool guy and girl logo. How do I find out who shaped it? Thanks
PISMO SURFBOARD Hey - Looking for info on the "Pismo Surf Board" built by, I think Ken Smith, who lived in Pismo Beach in the 60's. He worked for the railroad to help finance his board business. His shop was right down town Pismo. He had a helper, also a shaper who they called "seaweed". Also have you heard of a place close to Pismo, called "point Conception on government property, but we would sneak in and drop down the bluff and surf till the government guys would come by, usually shooting a gun off in the water to get our attention and then we'd leave. I remember we'd park in a camp ground, I think then walk down some railroad tracks for quit a while then drop down to the beach. We'd have to carry in water and food, then sleep in a cave on the beach, but I'll always think fondly of the trips. I was only about fourteen. One more thing I can think of, Ken had a competition orange woody, I think it was a 41 ford, he also had a wife by the name of Helen and they met in Fresno, Calif. Anyway I'd like to find out the name of the surfboards he shaped and see if he's still breathing, thanks for your time.
< geself@msn.com>
ED NOTE: the makings of a good movie script here... Brad Pitt plays "Ken" Anjolie plays crazy Helen, Dennis Hopper "Seaweed" Some new unknowns for you and your buddies...
EXPLORER SURFBOARDS For your "surfboard logo gallery", here are logos of a famous surfboards shaper from France : EXPLORER Surfboards. Thank you !!
K. Tiza <tizebkar@hotmail.com>
ED NOTE: Awsome. I love seeing shaping logos from all over the globe... I bet all who view this site do too.
CENTRAL COAST FIBERGLASS Hey Stanley I really enjoy the site. My name is Aaron and own Central Coast Fiberglass in San Luis Obispo. If you don't mind I will send you a few logos at time, some updates of shapers you have already and some new ones. Thanks again for all the energy. Cheers,
Aaron Rittger

NORSK SURFBOARDS Did you ever hear of norsk surfboards? ken christensen built these popout boards in the latter part of 66/67. in 68 he built a hollow glass board and also a 2 piece travel board. it was before pope made his travel board. i will contact a friend who has my old hollow board and see if he can email you a pix of the logo. it would be nice to add this company to your site. these hollow boards were so strong we would take a screwdriver and try to put a hole in them. great demo but at this same time shortboards were coming into vogue and the rest is history.

I surfed stanleys many times and was in illinois going to college when this place was torn down.
that was the worst news. i never saw any famous surfers while surfing there. i do remember many days of glassy peaks that barreled the hell out of me. i also remember a pic of your intro photo with the 65 chevy on the side. that pic was in surfer mag saying it was stanleys circa 62 or 63. oh well drugs do take their toll. thanks for the great website.

Ron F. Ventura High class of 67

ED Note: asked Ron few Vta related questions...

I don't think Tom Hale had anything to do with Ventura Plastics. Tom built some really high class boards. I had a 10' 2" long board. it was heavy to say the least. and almost couldn't get my arm around it, mostly carried it on top of my head. In 67 I was a high school kick out (for selling pot) surfing everyday from April 67 till 78 when i moved to Vegas. I don't see anything about Morey and Surfboards Australia. Morey had a Quonset hut at the end of Meta St. in Ventura. Dark dingy place. Must have done ok, look at him now. lol. Ken C. did have a shop in Vta. it was off the Vta Ave. I surfed on his team for about 1 1/2 yrs. as I said his demise was due to the short boards. The Norsk pix that my bud is going too send to you was my team board from 68/69. he bought it on ebay can you believe that? It was a really solid board, handled great in all types of waves, big or small. Rincon was my favorite place as was the cove around the bend as you come into Monticeito that's where Owl and Yater had shops (Summerland). down stream from Hammonds Reef. Fun places never too crowded or any attitudes then, not like Oxnard. Keep up the web site. it is a lot of great memories. thank god i still remember them. not much else. lol

Jacobs GunJACOBS What year did Jacobs use this logo?? Thanks, MJ.

Thanks Mike.I thought it might be from the early 60’s. I have this 11’ gun built by Jacobs and would like to research it. Do you know how I can collect information on this board?

Thanks again, MJ

EMBER Hi Stanley, I dig your site, in fact my partner and I used the surf logo section,
when coming up with our name and logo. Cool stuff -- anyway we are going to put a link up to your site. And would like to get a link on yours'

http://www.emberusa.com - Men's clothing, hats, shirts, wetsuits, and other gear and apparel. Designed for the surf, skate, snow, and outdoor enthusiast. Based out of San Clemente, Ca. Ember Clothing - catch a fire.

Thanks again!
Jon Meixner

keep an eye out for your link on our affiliate site.

ED: Ok Ok not surfboard logo related... but. Cool that designers, artists, shapers etc using library as resourse for ideas or just making sure thier surf co related logos are unique. I'm impressed weekly with the talent out there! Whoot Whoot! Keep em coming people!

SANTA CRUZ BOARD BUILDERS GUILD Hello, I have this logo I did for a friends glass shop here in Santa Cruz. I love your site and thought this would be a cool addition. Thanks for your time you put into the library.

Eli Atkins
Graphic Design For Uncommon Surfaces
ED: Thanks Eli, be sure to send new ones you're cooking up too.
ANIMAL TRACKS - Animal Tracks 1970-1984 Newport Beach calif
< mbgilchrist@earthlink.net>
ED: Thanks for sending Mg!
PHIL KABO, HY2 to: stanleys surf logos. Attached are logos, from one of Phil Kabo's early boards (number 42 to be exact). The logos are placed top and bottom of the board. The HY 2 is a Gordon and Smith two stringer orange fin model (Hynson 2 number 10237) I didn't see this logo on your site.
Hope you can use this information.
ED NOTE: Thanks George, We can always use more information. The Surfboard Logo Library Puzzle will always be missing pieces...
'MYSTERY LOGO' To Whom It May Concern, I am new to surfing and I recently purchased an old longboard, but the seller did not know who it was made by. I did not recognize the logo either so I looked threw your impressive gallery, but was unable to find it there either. The board is signed, but I can not make out what the signature actually says.
I have attached a picture of the logo and signature and was wondering if you have ever seen them before and could tell me what company produced the board. Any information you could give me would be much appreciated.

Thank you
'THE FAMILY FROM VENICE' I have a older board around a 70s model the logo on the board says the family from Venice ca it is a single fin, the fin is wood but it has a very thick coat of laminate layed over it if any body knows anything about this shaper I would really appreciate your help.

Holt SSgt Allen L
Hi to all,
I have been on your surfboard logo site looking through all the classic stuff you have and recalling logos that bring back fond memories of years gone by. I have been surfing for over forty years and have two labels of my own here in Durban, South Africa. Marshall (my middle name) and Natural Curve Surfboards have been going for a long time, and I shape all of the boards myself. I have attached my decals to this mail, and hope that you can make use of them and include them on your site. Thanks for the great journey through some great history. Till later,

Best Regards
Hugh Thompson
Editor African Surfrider Magazine
Cell 0833600003
Email: hugh@africansurfrider.co.za
REAL CLARK FOAM BLANKS FOR SALE :( Michael; I was wondering if You know anybody that would like to buy "real Clark Foam blanks. I have about 100 of them, from 67R's to 72R's. as you have heard things are getting tough for this industry! All of My business was built to order "Hand Shapes" to date 50154 now 40 years. there doesn't seem to be any more soul left around any more...
TP-Tim phares <specterslayer@yahoo.com>

ED NOTE: Proceed to TIM PHARES page for continuation of above story.
JDUB SURFBOARDS- HI Stanley ,im a New Zealand shaper with a Logo to add , i shaped hotbuttered boards for six years , now i shape under my own label , love the historical collection you have , cheers Jdub , by the way " Jdub " is shart for JW !! cheers!! <johnnyandshannon@xtra.co.nz>

HOME GROWN SURFBOARDS- Hey guys I have been admiring your site for many years and never have sent any logos over. Please let me know if you have a problem adding them. You guys are a really important part of our lifestyle and I thank you for having this site up and running so that we can look back onto the past as well as present of our board logos
~Sunny @ HGS- Home Grown Shapes 805-791-9595 <s2kbrady@comcast.net>

Hey man just went on to see my logos on the LOGO Library page and they were not there? HEART BROKEN :-( anyways I am a Central Coast Shaper that actually shut HGS down and moved to Montana in Feb 2005. I had www.homegrownshapes.com for years but shut that down as well. We believe it or not started out HGS in Biloxi Mississippi back in 1999 and moved into Florida, Alabama, North Carolina and Texas, before moving the whole operation to CA in Aug 2000. We set up and had a factory in Lompoc as our main factory with 2 more in, Nipomo and Santa Barbara. Come late 2003 we decided to move with my wifes job and even though I could have left the HGS logo out there I decided that it was my baby and if I was not there to keep quality control I should shut it down for a while. I had 3 other shapers working along side me two of which are still shaping today under their own logos. I am now back in Lompoc Ca and am starting up operation again. As far as my Lams I had a guy (Jeremy Cook) in Florida make them way back in the day.
~Sunny @ HGS- Home Grown Shapes 805-791-9595 <s2kbrady@comcast.net>

Ed Note: "Home grown the way it shoud be" singing out loud here, ahem. Sunny like the saying goes "busier than _ _ _" (fill in the blanks) They'll be there bro!

i stole a couple logos for a joe blair article i was working on for my site - hope it's ok. and when I have time, i email u some local HI shaper logos for your collection would u like to link to some surfer girls in Hawaii (i'm putting ur link in right now) check us out - let me know!

xo, c-girl
Tropical Enlightenment
....between sessions

Ed Note: Using logos for non profit reference purposes is totally cool. Using logos to bootlegg stickers on ebay is not. "seashellman" from georgia, shame on you, bad ju ju man!

Hi Stanley!
Nice site! Perhaps you can ad my surfbrand NORD. It is a Swedish surfbrand that makes clothes and surfboards.
Niklas Malmqvist
Cell: 073 68 53212
Varuvägen 14
125 30 Älvsjö
Ed Note: Thanks Niklas for sending first Surfboard Logo from Sweden I've ever seen.
Triste surfboards
South America
Daniel Loureiro
Ed Note: Thanks Daniel for sending first Surfboard Logo from Uruguay I've ever seen.
Here is Ron House's logo for your site! Love the art work on your pages...
Ed Note: Thanks for sending logo Theresa, the artwork never ceases to amaze me too...
Hi guys nice website stay stoked
Andrew Crockett
surfing, art and music
ED NOTE: Omp Pa Pa, Omp Pa Pa... Surfcrazy.com / Stanleys is a one man band... Me, with the help of my world wide friends.... Thanks Andrew!
Chris Anderson, Atlantic Beach, Florida here (formerly from Van Nuys, "the valley" L.A.) I always enjoy your website. You're definitely "the man" when it comes to logos and the like. I'd sure like to see the Gunther Glass "G" logo added to your website. I don't know if you recall it. It was nothing more than a big, black, stylized "G." Try to visualize a block-letter "L" rotated 90 degrees to the right on the top, a similar "L" but not rotated beneath it, and a simple, round, black dot between them. The three shapes together formed a stylized "G," although it took a moment to see it as such. It was very, very striking graphic in a Mondrian, modern-art way. Gunther Glass put that logo on a lot of his asymetrical-tailed surfboards. The glasser (Don Tarampi?) used a lot of blue, purple and violet tints. The resulting boards were stunningly futuristic and beautiful. Too bad I couldn't afford one! --Chris
Ed Note: I know I have GG Logo somewhere, humm...
SMITH and JONES Surfboards
Hey there. I recently purchased a "Smith & Jones" surfboard. I can't find anything about them. It is a 1988 board made with graphite cloth. Any idea if they are still in business? Any help would be appreciated!
Jeff Benadum

Thanks Michael, for the prompt reply... I have been reading in your remember when writings
about people that I've worked for, and with in my early days. It seems that Your site is one of the only sites that You can still hear about the real surfing history... Surfing seems to have lost it's identity and forgotten it's roots.

I Guess that makes it easyer for those looking to write there own history, to paint them self's in
to take advantage of the profits. A lot of fakes and phonys out there making big money
on the sheep...

At one time or another I have worked with a lot of the real legend's of this industry and proud of it, even though some of those "GUYS" were real characters.

Please keep up the good work. I believe as a people, with out a history, there is no future... now a days, all you need is enough money to buy a surfing pedigree, or just steal one from a older
established one that might have moved on. Lie's prosper only when good people say nothing!


Ed Note: Without all of YOU this site would not exist... as stated on the logo library index page, "This is a non profit organization, that's not the way the business started out, just the way it ended up" Thanks gor the kind words Tim.


Martin Surfboards, Eastside Surfboards, The Surfboard House, Fuse, Surfside, Faith
Hello - talked to you awhile back and here's our logos you requested. The Martin Surfboards is what Eastside Surfboards has become. The Surfboard House logo is for a showroom coming in 2008, and I have a few other labels that I shape for (Fuse, Surfside, Faith) which I will send to you soon. Thanks and Happy New Year, B. Ciero / Eastside - Martin

Ed: Bruce! Beautiful contemporary logos man! Great job. Will post asap. Thanks for taking time to send!

Thanks, my wife did 'em as you can tell she has a design degree! So I'm happy for her, she doesn't get too much credit being behind the scenes and all! Shaka Bra! Sincerely, B. Ciero

Ed: Bruce, tell her she'd be suprised how many of the surfboard logos have been designed by Women =)

Howzit Bra - forgot these two .. thanks ahead of time ... she's a good designer, eh? This will brighten her day and boost her shaky ego! Thanks a million, you RULE!!!!! Keep the faith, B. Ciero

Thanks again Mike, you've helped her get out of a funk - chalk it up as your first good deed of the new year! And I checked out the library for the first time n awhile ... WOW! You've got a LOT of great new additions! Keep Up the great work! Talk to you later, Bruce and Dana


Hi- I got a Hendrickson surfboard do you know any history about this company, & what happened to this person. It's pretty light for a triple stringer 10 footer. It's got a good twist running through it.
It also has a step deck on the nose. Well, anything you got will be helpful.
Thanks Ernie
Ernie Akana <kahokuloa2@mac.com>

Ed Note: Anyone out there with info? email it please. stanleys

I owned a Crestwood surfboard (with lime green stripes) which I bought in 1964. They were made in Woodmere, N.Y. on the south shore of Long Island by a guy who was friends with my friend Craig's older brother. The name Crestwood came from the name of the guy's father's company, Crestwood Industries. The guy made his surfboards in the building owned by his father, in his little surf shop there. It was a local one man operation, with limited production, and was only in operation for a few years. Unfortunately, when my parents sold their house, in 1982 or so, they sold the board at a garage sale (they did ask me if I wanted it, but I was far away and couldn't get it), and I often regret no longer having it. Those were good years, surfing the south shore of Long Island.

From: HouseboatLI@aol.com


Thought you might like you see this logo. I designed it for Steve Tyau, owner of Surfboards East of Hawaii. He had a shop in Houston, Texas. I drew this in 1975 and traded a surfboard for it,
a nice v-bottom stringerless. I used to ride for him.

Thank you for putting together your collection... I enjoyed looking at it. I noticed Steve's old logo in there!

Larry Noble

ED NOTE: It's the Surfing Worlds collection...


Hello - talked to you awhile back and here's our logos you requested. The Martin Surfboards is what Eastside Surfboards has become, we're moving to Cal and Eastside might have a negative connotation. The Surfboard House logo is for a showroom coming in 2008, and I have a few other labels that I shape for (Fuse, Surfside, Faith) which I will send to you soon. Thanks and Happy New Year, B. Ciero / Eastside - Martin

Ed note: Welcome to the hotel california...
LARRY BLOCK: Cere's on a roll...
Hey Michael...

Wow! Just looked at the site again after having been away for a month or so... and there has been a lot of new activity. I love reading through... and I am amazed at how many builders are out there (were out there) too! As I was reading the California Foam stuff I remembered someone who really was a major part of the scene back in the 60's and 70's -- Larry Block! He was a mover and shaker of all kinds of surf stuff... staying out of the builder arena, but a butterfly for supplies, landing in everyone's shop with his accessories! If anyone knows where he is, and can get in touch with him, I'm sure he would be a treasure chest of information on many of the old guys and days!

I knew Larry in the high school days (pre-business)... Alan Smith, Mark Ricci, John Staggs (some of the hottest long board guys from the 60's -- and others in the group that I just can't remember this long after the fact) and I would go to McDonalds on Parthenia and Balboa and walk up to Larry's window. We would order a coke and fries and he would hand over a monster bag full of burgers and fries, drinks too. We would load up on the fat and carbs and head over the hill to surf our brains out. I'm sure Larry did that for a lot of those early surf kids who grew up to be shop owners and board builders and it endeared him to us all. Anyone out there know where he is?


J ust as I was sending the Larry Block email, I remembered someone else who would be an incredible resource if someone out there reading the site knows where he is... Dan Little, from the old STS Graphics, in Canoga Park. Dan did so many of the old surfboards logos. It was hard back in the 60's finding guys who could, or would, print on rice paper... and some of the early stuff we got from Dan was a crack up... it was as flexible as plywood! It took us a while to find supplies of rice paper that would stand up to the big presses, but once we did, we were in business! If anyone knows Dan's where-about's please forward the info to STANLEY'S !!!

Thanks again Michael, for all you do to keep the fun alive!

Cere Muscarella
Electric Duck
Thanks to Patrick for sending "educk" logo...
Love yer site. I was just taking photos of an old 70s Electric Duck twin-fin fish I'm selling. Was wondering if you wanted to add a photo of the logo to your library (see attachment). E. Duck is a San Diego-area shaper that has been shaping since the 60s.

P. Spreter <----->

Campbell Bros, Swift, Steve Lis
Thanks to Tara for sending logos, great personalized site, wish to see more of these!
I am a Japanese surfer. Your site is very unique. I send LOGO of my favorite surfboards.
Please use it if I like it. I administer a surfing site. If there is time, please check it.
Thank you.

Holeman Surf Designs
Thanks for sending logo!
Hi there I used to have "Mysto" surfboards, now we go by Holeman Surf
Designs, c an you add the logo?

I’m a professional graphic designer and have been for almost 20 years. Your collection of logos is amazing. I look at the collection all of the time for inspiration. The impact and history of surfing continues to influence culture. A big Thank You for assembling the collection. I have shared your link with many associates.

Barry Norgaard
Art Director
Meredith Brand Licensing
1716 Locust Street
Des Moines, IA 50226
515.953.8086 cell

Ed Note: Thanks Barry for the kind words.13 years and counting putting together the library. Enjoy!
SEA SHAPES SURFBOARDS Hi, This is a picture of the logo from my old 8'1" funboard purchased used in Charleston, SC. It is the "Sea Shapes" logo. Hope you can use it. I like your website even though it is slow to load.

ED NOTE: Too many pics, what to do? U tell me...


Cere checks in...

Hey Mike!
Just went thru the site again today... and my mind and heart are wrecked for the rest of the day! The old shots of Stanley's! That third picture, the one with Pee Wee, almost brought me to tears! It triggered such great memories of so many razor edged days! Morey and Coop and the shoreline shots... wow... Thanks Michael... for all the work.

Seeing and reading the tribute to Ernie was great too! I remember his Van Nuys shop... and others! Bob Pemberton had Valley Surf Center in Reseda. Greg Liddle was around the corner on Ventura Blvd. Of course Mark Richards had the North Hollywood Val Surf (it was his dad's place back in those days. Mark was just a great kid!). I'll never forget Larry Felker shaping at Pemberton's place. And Bob Weatherly doing the glass work. Glenn Kennedy was a young kid too... and would become one of the best Malibu surfers and surfboard builders. Nat Pro was over the hill in Santa Monica and Riddle and the boys were tearing it up. It was a wonderful time to be alive!

Thanks so much for the site... and for your love of the lifestyle... you've preserved it well and I hope a lot of our peers find it and contribute to make it even better!


Ed note: check out new / old photos contributed by Cere, thanks man!

BR SURFBOARDS I was introduced to your site a couple of years ago and somebody asked me if my surfboard logo was on your site. At the time it wasn’t but it seems like someone sent you some of my old logos.
I’ve got newer logos to update your site with if you’re interested. I’ve attached an Illustrator file with my logos. I can also take some pics and e-mail those to you if you’re interested. Just let me know.

Butch Ramirez
BR Surfboards

HOT TAMALE SURFBOARDS: Hi, This is the logo for our epxoy surfboards that we sell in Western Australia. Thought you might like to add it to your collection.

Hot Tamale Surfboards
LARRY BERTLEMAN or LARRY BERTLEMANN?: My husband bought this Larry Bertlemann swallow-fin board secondhand in 1981. I found one very similar on your pages. Are these misprints or something as his last name is spelled on the board with only one "n"? Any info you can give us is appreciated. Mahalo!
Pam and Eric Irie <pamirie@hotmail.com>
OLIN SURFBOARDS: I was looking at your website and noticed that one of you surfboard pictures for "OLIN" is acutually a picture of my board. I was wondering if you had any further information reguarding this company. I was unable to find anything. Here are some better pictures. Thanks Joe D. Barnegat NJ snpr9696@yahoo.com
SURFBOARDS AUSTRALIA: Just curious. I have a 7”2” green and white (close) board which has a map of Australia on the front which is colored in. The board is at least 36 years old. I am trying to find out who made it and where it was made. I checked your logo library and had no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Bob McTavish - George Greenough: Hey there, I’m doing some research at the moment and looking for pics as above. If it’s possible I’d really like to know if you have anything on either Bob McTavish or George Greenough at Rincon 67-68. Also, if you know of anyone else who may have pics or moving images please feel free to let me know, I’d appreciate it.Best wishes,
Leah Wright
Byron Bay
ART DECAL AND COLORBRITE DECALS: Dear Surfcrazy, I enjoyed reading your page on surf decals. I would be a wealthy man if I had kept all of the over-runs in the 60's and 70's of the surfing decals we had produced. We made decals for use all over the world. The Duke was a very good customer and came to visit on occasion. Enjoy your collection of Laquer and enamel printed decals. Gary - Owner Art Decal and Colorbrite Decals (same Company).
Art Decal Co

VEAL SURFBOARDS Aloha Stanley love your page just want to send you mt logo to add to your collection. Keep up the good work with the page it brings me many hours of enjoyment.

Dave Veal <davethemortician@hotmail.com>
Veal Surfboards
San Francisco, CA
DUKE KAHANAMOKU SURFBOARDS hi, I found your website while I was trying to look up info on a board that I have. On your logos page, you have a photo of a board that I have. My board is a 9 ft board single fin, and it says Duke Kahanamoku "the maui" board, it is one of the van artsdalen custom boards. Do you know anything about these boards? Are they junk? Are they worthless reproductions? Are they worth anything? Any info would help, thanks...

John LaPalm <ghost7dog@yahoo.com>

Ed note: The Kahanamoku boards were pop outs. They did not carry the label of any major 60's manufacturer. They were sold atZody's and Whitefront, the Wal Marts of the 60's as well as Sporting Goods stores for $70.-$80. Stock, customs or signature models from Weber, Bing, Greg Noll etc sold for $110.-$120. and up, color, extra stringers, pinlines and signature models (Morey Pope John Peck Penetrator, Greg Noll Mickey Dora Da Cat, Bing Brewer Pipeliner, Bing David Nuuhiwa Noserider, Yater Spoon etc) added to cost. This gives you an idea on value today. Greg Noll's "da Cat" depending on condition sells today in the $3000.-$16,000. range. I guesstimate the value of a perfect Duke Kahanamoko to be $400-$1000, maybe more to a collector who specializes D.K. pop outs . The Butch Van Artsdalen Maui label would make it worth more than a typical D.K.

SALT WATER SOUL SURFBOARDS hi my names Ben, I'm a designer from the UK. I love the library you have collated, its a nice source of inspiration sometimes! My cousin is a custom board shaper, he is fairly new on the scene and works under two names, one of them being saltwatersoul. his logo is attached.his web address is http://www.saltwatersoul.com it would be cool if you could add it to your library at some point. thanks !!!
Ben Merrington <ben.merrington@carlson-europe.com>
RICHMARK OF CALIFORNIA SURFBOARDS: Hello all.....anyone have info on RICHMARK OF CALIF. pop-out surfboards from the 60's?
.....Peace, Byron Wishnek <h2owish@cox.net>
CANCER LIMITED SURFBOARDS: I came across a board that appears to be very late 60's or early seventies. Take a look at the laminate enclosed picture, any info would be sooooo appreciated!
Eric Sandoval (President) <Eric@chubbysurf.com>
(805) 573-0739
“Feeding Hungry Surfer’s Worldwide
FUHRMANN SURFBOARDS I was browsing the web for any info on surfboards my dad and brothers had made. His name came up on your site. There was a reference that Roger Dahlen from Santa Barbara had sent info on the 'Fuhrmann' logo from the 60's; however, it was not in your library to compare with the logo on surfboards in family photos. The Fuhrmann brothers worked for Greg Noll and also had Fuhrmann's Fiberglass back in the 60's (Inglewood???). My dad didn't shape boards but he did color designs, resins and fiberglass. (I actually don't know all the details, I need to talk to his brothers more - my dad died almost 2 weeks ago and never gave me much info) Anyway, I was surfing around to find out what happened to all the boards they made and if any are out there. I brought home one, but that's the only one that he had left.

Do you have an email address to get a hold of Roger Dahlen or have any info on other Fuhrmann surfboards?

Tami Fuhrmann-Cramer<tamiandjeffcramer@sbcglobal.net>
PACIFIC BLUE SURFBOARDS Hello there, here is a logo from one of my boards you don't show on the list. If the pictures are clear enough it will show the words"shaped by Barry Kanaiaupuni" I believe it was from the 70s,but I can't find any info on it anywhere. Hope you can use it in your logo library.Also,any info on the board would be helpful. Thanks and have a happy.....

Chuck Ellis <ellis0441@comcast.net>
MYSTIC / FLUID SURFBOARDS: Hi. Attached are two logos of Fluid Surfboards, shaped by Jim Dunlop out of Jax Beach, FL. Didn't see the Fluid label although Jim Dunlop's Mystic label was there. Fluid began shaping in 2001 originally with Clay Bennett as the shaper.

-John Hays
FRED PYKE SURFBOARDS: Hi there, I was browsing your web page reguarding surfboard logo's. I am interested in the Fred Pyke logo and couldn't find the attached. I thought you could use it.Was also wondering if you have any information reguarding this logo and what year it was produced? The board is 10ft, has 3 strings, Single fin ( a bloody big one), fibreglass and weighs a bit.I'm guessing early 1960's. but any information would be appreciated.

Cheers Leighton

DAYTONA BEACH SURF SHOP: Stanley’s, For so many years my internet research has been work and education related; pretty dry to say the least. Thinking about the good times and surf shop days long since gone; corrupted by responsibilities and time, I decided to do a search on Daytona Beach Surf Shop. My family owned Daytona Beach Surf Shop for many years. I grew up there as a kid, through high school, college and well into my professional life before it was sold. I made friends and created a life time of memories that few will understand; except of course for the other grommets that were there with me. To see the board logos of Daytona Beach Surf Shop on your site brought back so many memories; I have literally laughed and reminisced about some of the good times we had in the shop all night tonight. Thanks for having them on there, seeing them has made me change my plans for the weekend. I think I’m going to do something totally irresponsible; I think I’m going to go surfing.

Matt Kollar

ChangoCHANGOS SURFBOARDS Stanley I visit your web and letme so stoked whit the great cuantity of kinas of logos. So amazing. I send photos from changosurfboards for up my logo in your web site. Saludos compadre from Chile, Antofagasta City

Thank you very much!!! For uping my logo, This logos is a representation of the primitive people who living in my shore 2000 years ago! (look the pictografia of MEdano) This sailing people, are my inspiration,,, try to domain the seas By men .
Chango Surfboards by Belko Caqueo <belko.caqueo@sag.gob.cl>

BOARDS BY BUZZ: I live in Bolinas and work with a man who who used to make surfboards and skateboards. He said the chemicals used in surfboard manufacture made him very ill so he quit doing that. He now is a silkscreener. The store is still filled with his old boards and designs. People still come by talk about the good old days of the 1960 and 1970's, His name on the boards says "Boards by BUZZ." He may be one of the gaps you mentioned. Let me know if you are interested. He is quite a recluse and otherwise rather difficult to find. He store has never had a sign to identify it, but thrives anyway. He says he has been there since 1962.

2nd email:

Thank you for your interest and kind reply. I'll ask him for permission to do so. Ed note: (take pic of logos). By the way, I strongly suspect he is a great resource for questions regarding the players and their designs in the time period. We have some of them around the store, it seems. I make the film for his silkscreen business and I have made alot of film for him from old images he has around the place. He talks of being one the first surfers in Northern California. I believe they called themselves Northpoint Surfers. He isn't yet computer literate, unfortunately. I suspect he would be tickled pink by what you are doing on your website.

I only succeeded in talking him into having a business telephone about 5 years ago. Progress can sometimes be slow, especially in small towns. His store telephone number is 415 868-1935.

Stacey Henderson, RN

Wishing you peace, joy and the blessings of good health, now, and in the
coming year.


Kind Regards,
Hilton Fletcher
International and Domestic Sales Manager
PO Box 2030
Burleigh BC
QLD 4220
Phone:07 5507 7600
Fax:07 5593 5650
Mobile: 0403 056 373
JIM OVERLIN SURFBOARDS I ran across your logo site and noticed that you didn't have a Jim Overlin logo like the one on my old board. I bought the board new back in about 1970 or 71 at a Surf Shop in Ft. Pierce, Florida. When I moved to Atlanta I brought it with me and it hasn't been in the water since.
Ron Keyes
SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SURFBOARD Hello, i have just got a surfboard for free today. it is a scs southern california surfboard. i was on the net trying to find out a little about the board and company. through my searches all i have come across is the scs logo in your logo gallery. might there be anythign you can tell me about the company or how i might find out more about this board?
thank you
BEN McTAVISH SURFBOARDS Attached is a new logo for Ben McTavish a Shortboard maker based on Gold Coast of Aus.He is of course The son of BOB McT and works at Mctavish (Byron Bay) as well as having his own Label which is strictly shortboards.

Hes a very Hot surfer and is well rated as one of THE underground HOT board makers plus, like his dad he's a great guy.

ANDREW HARRIS SURFBOARDS also attached is a new logo for ANDREW HARRIS a Shortboard maker based in Tammarama in Eastern suburbs of Sydney (Oz) Hes doing some good stuff.

Oh yeah, I designed these.

Cheers Paul McNeil

0405 625 058
POBOX 2381
Byron Bay
NSW 2481

ED NOTE: Paul's a great logo artist from the land down under see his other work for Andrew Harris in the library Galleries.

WILDERNESS SURFBOARDS Mid-late 1960's designer of the WILDERNESS surfboard logo was my sister, Maureen, who was married to Mikie Cundith at the time.
Jasmine Casey
JOY TOY SURFBOARDS Hello, I picked up a beautiful, early 1970’s single fin from a “little old lady” in Laguna Beach , California . She said this board had been sitting around since the 1970’s when her children surfed. She felt the surfboard needed a new home and decided to sell it at her garage sale. The surfboard has a logo I’ve never seen “Joy Toy.” At first it’s difficult to determine what the artwork consist of? However, if you look closely, you will notice a women’s face and her long, flowing hair has two surfers bottom turning. As well, you will see the Hawaiian Islands chain above her hair. I’ve attached a few other pics to give you context of the surfboard. Have you heard of “Joy Toy?” I hope you can post the logo.
Kris Tom
JIMMY SMITH SURFBOARDS Hello, let me start by saying jimmy passed away from liver cancer may 15, 2005. i am his widow wendy,and I have been looking for one of my late husbands surfboards to have and to cherish, unfortunately no luck. i came across this site and got very excited in hopes that maybe you may have one. together we had a beautiful daughter and i would love to be able to show her just how talented her father was. i think your website is a wonerful tribute to the old time shapers some still with us and others who have gone on. one word of advice for you young upcoming shapers please wear all protective gear while shaping, chemicals are toxic, back in the day these guys didn't wear masks or gloves and washed there hands with acetone, it will enter your bloodstream and cause health issues! well jimmy is surely missed he was a great husband and father may he join the other legends of the sport who ride the waves of heaven. thank you for your help
Wendy Smith
point pleasant, n.j.
CHAPMAN BREWER SURFBOARDS I was just on the North Shore and spent a little bit of time w/ Owl in his shaping bay. He makes great boards but is kind of "out there" if you know what I mean... if you ever need a Sunset gun he's the man, though.... I'll try to get you the multicolored Brewer logo too.... similar to that one except it doesn't say Chapman/Brewer, it says Dick Brewer, and the plumerias are all colors of the rainbow... really nice.
see ya,
Keith Melville
SCOFIELD SURFBOARDS Hey, name is Ryan and my family has a long history in surfing. My dads cousin Steve Scofield created what used to be Scofield surfboards and I was wondering if you had any contacts to help me track down a Scofield board. If you can help me with anything, a sticker, a board whatever that would help me out a lot. I've been trying to get some of these old family heirlooms back into the family. thanks and if you know nothing about where I could find one thanks anyway.
LOOSE JUICE This is/was the private label that LaRoy Dennis uses in Hawaii. LaRoy Dennis was a prolific player in S. Cal During the transitional/shortboard revolution(early 70's). Google him and you will see that he is for real. PROGRESSIVE EXPRESSIONS moroccan moon version. Yes, this is from one of their famous spade tails.
Aloha, Kent Badham

WILDERNESS ( Australia , late 60’s shaped by Chris Brock, probable Greenough board) – different than ones you have, very early Australian one as hand drawn on transfer, interesting because of Greenough designs on it)
CREAMED HONEY ( UK , early 70’s, shaper Dick Harvey)
SEARIDER ( Australia , c.1976, John Blanch)
SURFBOARDS AUSTRALIA ( Australia , c. 1976, Alan Blyth) – different than ones you have
HENRI ( Australia , c.1976, Chris Henri) – great “bushman with spear” logo

Henry Marfleet, Australia


SURFBOARDS BY HACK My impression is that they originated in the South Bay but I don't remember specifics. It is off a 10 ft board, triple balsa stringer with black glue, fiberglass tailblock and Weber style hatchet fin. Guessing mid 60's. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Rick
Unbelieveable response. Thanks for your efforts and taking the time to give me a head's up. Sort of an interesting conundrum. I used to surf for Con, Val Surf, Bing, Challenger and Bahne in the sixties and remember most of the old board makers, but this one had me stumped. Found it at a yard sale over the weekend in nice condition. Aloha

Pretty successful shop in the sixties. Still in existence today in a later incarnation. Shaper of this board a protege of the Wardy shop in Laguna. Hope you can use it. Rick
Thanks, Rick


DR SURFBOARDS: Hi surfcrazy guys, I sure like your site and stop in for visits from time to time. Thanks so much for the listing and providing such a cool web site for surfing.
Best regards,
Dennis Ryder

ED Note: Dennis is the man who shaped the majority of boards for Morey Pope, Camels, Eliminators, Machines, Penetrators, Snubs, Trackers. Beautiful modern versions are available through custom order. You name it he's shaped it.

RADIANT LIGHT SURFBOARDS: Aloha, Thank you for your great efforts to put together the Surfboard Logo collection linking the surfing world together. I enjoyed viewing all
the surfboard logos throughout the world! Please add: Radiant Light Surfboards / Shaper: Bernie Tsao - Kauai, Hawaii .Custom High-Performance Advanced Composite Technology
Thank you! Keep up the great work!
SURFBOARDS BY HAWK I recently received a board from a friend to repair and get ready to air brush a shark a tropical scene on it. It is real old looking and is about 4 inches thick in the middle and about 10 feet long. As I looked it over I there was no decals or names on the board and I was curious who had shaped the board? There was this big black triangle patch on the top of the board at the tail and I did not think anything of it and started my repairs as I got into sanding it I decided to sand off the big black patch that had been put there. It was some weird sh!!**t and after an hour of sanding this one area I see some red color and then some green and then the name HAWK with a HAWK riding a board and the glass job says that it was done Santa Ana CA. Do you know what shaper this could possible be I thought maybe it had been shaped by Dale Velzy I have only seen one decal that said the hawk and that was the one cartoon drawing on your website.
Thanks Tim
PAUL HUNT SURFBOARDS: Dear Surfcrazy, Do you guys have any of my old stckers in absolutely perfect condition? If you don't, then what do you have and how much do they go for?
Paul Hunt

ED Note: You can now get PAUL HUNT SURF GEAR here.

MOSELLE SURFBOARDS Hello, My name is scott and I read your article about how you found a surfboard that was beat up and you identified it. Do you still have that surfboard and if so would you be willing to sell it. This would have great sentimental value to me.
Thank you
Scott Moselle

ED reply: I'm sorry. I think you have the wrong guy. Look on eBay, they come up for sale now and then.

CANYON SURFBOARDS: I'm trying to research the origin and current status of Canyon
Surfboards. The last record I can find on the internet is that they were being shaped in the mid '80s by one of the founders of Lost Skateboards. I called a company by the name of islandsports.com and they say they have some in stock. They said they are made in China? If you know anything about Canyon Surfboards, would you let me know?
Pete Colthup
North Carolina
JIM OVERLIN SURFBOARDS Hi there. I am looking for a Jim Overlin surfboard. Can you help me find one? Thanks,
Jim A
CHINA POP OUTS: Thanks for your inquiry again. We are a OEM manufactory of sport-board at Shen Zhen area. Our products include Surfboards, PU blank board, Skimboard, Skateboards and Relational Accessories etc. The attachments are our rough quotation of surfboard and photos. Please click to find it. As to the exact offer, they must to according to your detailed request; Please let me know if you have it. The length of 9'6" surfboard roughly unit price is around $270.00USD/FOB. If you need to got sample to test quality. We are also willing to supply; But you must to prepay sample and freight cost to us. If you interest in our supply of surfboard and other products, please feel free to contact me. Thanks..........
Look forward to hearing from you.
Best Regards
Steven Chen
Joher Enterprise Co.,
Email :tai1966@hotmail.com

ED Note: Nice enough response to info request but where's the soul? Will surfers crave these boards in 30 years? I think not.
Wayne Lynch International Involvment Model
I have recently added a John Arnold Surf Machines / Wayne Lynch International Involvment Model to my collection and online catalogue. Unfortunately the main decal has very badly delaminated is is barely legible and I was hoping you could give permission to use a clean copy
that you have listed in your logo library (under W) for comparison.

0f course any contribution will be credited and linked. The entry is at http://www.surfresearch.com.au/00000224.html

I have also attached several decals that may be of interest.
Thank you for your assistance, Geoff Cater.

#225 - badly delaminated John Arnold Surf Machines / Wayne Lynch International Invovlment Model circa 1970
#225.2 - Made in Australia decal for Wayne Lynch above.
#224 - Keyo / Bob McTavish Tailor Made circa 1966
#212 - Odin Surfboards Ballina - short lived company, circa 1970
#221 - Cooper Surfboards with Coffs Harbour address - Bonzer design circa 1974
#218 - Peter Drouyn - circa 1968, this board was possibly ridden by Drouyn.
#195 - Shane / The Shoe - a kneeboard with a deeply concaved deck, after Greenough
#boards_primates - preferred link image for surfresearch.com.au
#215 - Bluebird by Bob McTavish, circa 1972.

ED reply: Thanks Geoff, Feel free to use the logos that you need. I'll post the ones I dont have asap.

Visit Geoffs site, great Australian historical treatment on the subject of surfing. http://www.surfresearch.com.au

BEACHCOMBER SURFBOARDS PETER J. LUTZ: My name is Kevin Nelson and I was excited when I saw a logo in your library for beachcomber surfboards, Peter J, Lutz. I have an old board that I have owned since I am 16 years old and have never been able to trace the board to its origins. If you have any history on the shaper or company I would appreciate it if you could share. The board I have is the color of the logo on your sight, baby blue with tripple stringer. It has an inlaid wooden fin and is in mint condition. Thanks, I loved your sight!
Kevin Nelson
JEFF LINDAHL SURFBOARDS: Hi, I just came across a board at a garage sale and I didn't see the logo on your site. I've enclosed 2 photos of the logo for Jeff Lindahl out of Santa Cruz. I tried to find some info online about this shaper, but couldn't. I would be interested if anyone has info him. The board I have is probably from the early 90's and was glassed by Vince Broglio. Thanks for the great site!
BEAR PAW, MYSTIC, CREME SURFBOARDS: I love your site. What a great resource.Somebody already sent in one of my Bear Paw Surfboards logos, but here's a better one. I'll also send a round one when I get back to my other computer. I'm also sending logos from my friends John Moore at Mystic and Robbie Kegel at Creme...
Ben Sparks
Bear Paw Surfboards
PO Box 681
Bolinas CA 94924
MTB-PAT MULHERN SURFBOARDS Hi Stanley, I am a So. Cal native, grew up surfing old man's and trestles my whole life, but all good things come to an end and now I live in the sucky wave capital of the nation, Virginia Beach. I bought an old board from a lamo yesterday that I'm guessing dates back to late 60's? Any help from you in narrowing down it's age and/or history would be appreciated. It's 7'2" thick and wide, bright red with no plug for a leash, hole drilled in a really thick skeg though. The MTB log is simple and runs from nose to tail along with the 'Pat Mulhern" log below it. Both logos are encased in a yellow surfboard shape that runs from nose to tail and in total length is 3' long. No signatures, or other markings. I can take a pic this weekend and e-mail that to you next week if it helps (sorry I didn't do it this morning).

BTW- I am not intending to sell the board, I have always kept an eye out for the occasional rare find, I then hold onto them, and ride them. My current most rode board is a 9'4" Bob McTavish that he hand shaped. It is signed and numbered on the bottom.

Biggest loss: a mint condition Tom Hale that someone was using as a drip pan under their car in Bakersfield. Bought it for $25.00 bucks, and had it stolen from me 5 years later ( still not over that).

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Jeff Grant
cell 757-681-3240
Cere Muscarella back in the day Click here for more photos!CME SURFBOARDS: Hey Michael... have to tell you how much I have been liking your site. I check in pretty regularly to read about what's going on with others... and I have been contacted by a few folks who read the CME stuff. You're doing a great thing! Here's some pic's... of some of the old surf spots. They're all circa 1968-1972. The files identify the place which is what I think you're interested in. Blessings! Cere!
HORIZONS WEST SURFBOARDS, ZEPHYR SURF SHOP UPDATE: I was told by the city Landmarks Commission members that if we are going to save Horizons West Surf Shop, the most important factor is that residents and interested parties speak at the Santa Monica City Counsel meeting this coming Monday October 9th at 7:00 P.M.. Statements from citizens are a normal and welcomed part of the meetings. The counsel members whom I spoke with agreed that Horizons West was worthy of consideration for preservation. Speakers should refer to the building listed as 2001-2011 Main Street, Santa Monica. It is article 11A-9 on the roster.

Please inform any and all interested parties about this issue and especially about the meeting on Monday. If you can possibly show up for the meeting and give your opinions to the counsel members it will be very helpful. People may also contact Landmarks Commissioner Roger Genser to request that this issue is placed on the Oct. 9th agenda: c/o Roxanne.Tanermori@smgov.net

Time is of the essence!
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Thanks!
(310) 395-5553 drtroy@netzero.net

The Santa Monica Landmarks Commission Meeting

Monday October 9th at 7:00 P.M.

Santa Monica City Hall (in the Council Chambers)
1685 Main Street
Santa Monica, CA

Phone: (310) 458-8341 Planning Division
(310) 458-8411 City Hall
HORIZONS WEST SURFBOARDS, ZEPHYR SURF SHOP: 10/05/2006 Hello, Many people are not yet aware that Horizons West Surfboards (formerly The Zephyr Surf Shop, of Dogtown fame), on Main Street, in Santa Monica has recently be place under review for demolition by the City. There is an official City posting on the premises stating this fact. If you are interested in helping preserve this important piece of Surfing and Skateboarding history please feel free to contact me or help get the word out.
Troy Hyatt, L.Ac.
KELLY BRYANT SURFBOARDS: I noticed you have a logo for kelly bryant surfboards on your site. I have one of his boards and would like to contact him. if you have any info. about this shaper, Iwould appreciate it very much.
RON SURFBOARDS: was the australian company where Geoff McCoy worked as a finishing coater and progressed to Glasser with William Morton. They left there to form M&M Surfboards in 67.
TANAKA SURFBOARDS: Great site! I have never seen that many different logo’s of my dad’s in one place. It was really cool to see you website and I might have to remake some of the old stuff. Keep up the good work.
Mahalo and Aloha,
Tommy Tanaka
Tanaka Surfboards

CHARLIE KELLER SURFBOARDS: I grew up in Seaside Park about the same time Charlie Keller had a surf shop. To my knowledge he never shaped any boards…also , Chuck Dent was from California…not Trenton….I was involved with the South Island Surf Shop in Seaside Park and Belmar during the 1960-1970’s…hope this helps.
W. Schoenhut

CHARLIE KELLER SURFBOARDS hi, can you help me find information about charlie keller, the pioneer east coast shaper from new jersey. this is one of the only sites where i have seen his name mentioned. i've owned one of his surfboards since 1990 and would like to ultimately find others to get a better history of his shaping.
thank you,

New Jersey Shaper History
Throughout the decades there have been more than a few Monmouth and Ocean County surfers who have hand-crafted their own boards. Here is a listing of a few of them.

1940s: Richard Liesiewski builds wooden boards without a label on Long Beach Island.

1950s: Stretch Pole Surfboards, Surf City (foam and fiberglass); Charlie Keller, Charlie Keller Surfboards, Lavallette.

1960s: Liesiewski, Matador, Wavemaster and Collier Surfboards, Riverside; Bob Ribel, Ribel Surfboards, Belmar; Carl "Tinker" West, Challenger East Surfboards, Neptune; Eastern Surfboards, Lakewood; Roger Holden, Holden Surfboards, Manahawkin; Chuck Dent, Chuck Dent Surfboards, Trenton.

1970s: Richard Luthringer, Luthringer Surfboards, Island Heights; Michael Cole, Inner Island Surfboards, Ship Bottom; Jimmy Smith, XXX Surfboards, North Long Branch.

1980s: Skip Miller, Line Drive Surfboards, Long Beach Island; Vito Defranzia, Defranzia Surfboard, Seaside Heights.

1990s: Vince Balas, Planet Blue Surfboards, Long Beach Island (now West Creek); Bill Kretzer, Kretzer Surfboards, Forked River; Paul Baymore, Fly Surfboards, Bradley Beach (now South Jersey).

2000s: Gene Wahl, Essence Surf, Totowa; Cosmic Bull Surfboards, Navesink section of Middletown.
Asbury Park Press 7/15/06

Cere Muscarella back in the day Click for more photos!CME SURFBOARDS Hey Guys... your site is a trip! Someone asked me if I ever googled CME Surfboards and when I did, I found you! And I was really glad for the trip down memory lane!

I'm Cere, and of course I'm a lot older these days, but still surfing once in a while (I'm heading off to Hawaii this coming week and anticipating my meeting with Bill Stonebreaker - who is also a surfer/board maker/pastor!). The years I spent in the surf culture were priceless to me! I still get stirred up when my Surfer and Surfing Mags come to the house.

I'm pastoring a church in a place called Angleton, Life Church, and I'm about ten miles from the Gulf Coast. The waves are only big when there's a hurricane, so it's kind of like surfing in a washing machine! I think my memories of early morning glass at Zuma, and power-stroking offshore at Velzyland keep me from enjoying the mush.

So, anyone heard from Mark Richards, of the Val Surf Richards'? Good to hear about Tarampi and Liddle and Kennedy. Anyone know where to find Kirk Murray or Mike Marcellino or Richie Franz (some of my old team members)?

I'll check in from time to time... just to read the cool stuff... but one closing comment, triggered by the site name... anyone remember what it was like to pull up to the old Stanley's Diner on a lined up four foot day in the middle of winter before there was full wetsuits? It was hot! And a memory that can never be removed from my mind!

Blessings on you guys!

Cere Muscarella
CHRIS DARBY SURFBOARDS Great site- I love the collection of logos you have assembled- like looking into the past and remembering great stories! If you prefer, please feel free to post my decal on your site. Happy frontside tubes!
Chris Darby

BLUE RIDGE SURFBOARDS Hows it going. I really like your site, lots of info in every diriction i look, could spend hours just looking around. You want some logos? Well, i have a few logos here, post which ever one you want to. I also have some older ones I'll send at some point.


BUFORD WARRIOR Please find attached another surf decal. This one is South Australian from the early 70's. It comes from a surfboard manufactured by Burford Surfboards (Don Burford, he now makes blanks up on the East Coast of Australia). The model was called a Warrior, most of them were 6'0"long but I did see one that was 5'6"the other day. My first ever fibreglass board was a Burford Warrior - it ended up being a slug gun (air rifle) target. Since then I've found three and have restored two. If you look carefully at the left hand side of the decal you'll see the word "WALDO", this is the name of the guy who designed the decal. More to come. Chris Bowen (Radar) bowenfour@optusnet.com.au

PS here's a link to the Longboard Club website I belong to:
CANYON SURFBOARDS I'm trying to research the origin and current status of Canyon
Surfboards. The last record I can find on the internet is that they were being shaped in the mid '80s by one of the founders of Lost Skateboards. I called a company by the name of islandsports.com and they say they have some in stock. They said they are made in China? If you know anything about Canyon Surfboards, would you let me know? Thanks Pete Colthup
North Carolina pete@campultima.com
ANDY ANDERSON I author the book "Stoked-n-Board". My data base contains over 4,000 logos, identifying around 1,900 different brands, the rest are model logos as well as over 600M of other data. I am working on an agreement to collaborate with the Surfing Heratige Foundation to bring this all on line. The emphasis of my project is what is behind the logos - who, when, where & what materials were involved and am developing a comprehensive network to seek out those people involved with the manufacturing of these treasures. I have included a brief profile to give you an idea of the direction we are going. I would like to talk with you regarding your photo collection.

Andy Anderson

ED Reply:

Looks like we've been on the same sort of quest. My library/Gallery started in 1994 as a way to promote local Ventura Co. shapers and then grew into the monster it is today. I can't count the hours spent processing all the images! I always have about 25 yet to upload. How can so many surfboard builders have existed I wonder? I come accross so many logos I've never heard of daily it's staggering. I get submissions from artists, boardbuilders and collectors from all over the world. Additional info submitted is listed in the comments page. My focus is the artwork. Your undertaking is enormous. I wish I could have seen your book! (Last copy of "Stoked-n-board" sold to Greg Noll for $65.)

HORIZONS WEST In 1971 Nathan Pratt got a job as the clean up boy at the Zephyr surf shop in Santa Monica. Nathan Pratt went on to become an original member of the Zephyr skateboard team. During the Z-Boy era, Pratt continued to develop as a skater and a well established surfboard shaper. At the end of the Zephyr skateboard era, Pratt took over the Zephyr space, opened his own surf/skate shop and starting shaping his own line of surfboards, Horizons West surfboards in 1977.

UNITY surfboards were shaped in the South Bay of Southern California during the 1970's.

SEAGULL SURFBOARDS I was just wondering what you can tell me about seagull surfboards. I have an old one and was looking for history on the company and their
designs. Thanks, Mark "Kombi-photog" mtyoung@gmail.com
HAYDEN SURFBOARDS (AUS) This logo is from a mid '60s longboard I found in a farmers barn in South Oz. The board manufacturer is Hayden (Australia) - you have some other Hayden logos on your 'H' page. Congratulations - top website.
Chris Bowen, bowenfour@optusnet.com.au
DEAN EDWARDS SURFBOARDS What a excellent and fun site you have! I would like to submit this logo. Dean Edwards Surfboards has been making great boards for over thirty years. He shaped for natural progression and others made dora's last boards, but moved to Hawaii around twenty years ago where he still makes sick boards, asymmetricals, fish, flexies, longboards ,guns, fin systems, etc...A real craftsman with foam & resin in his vains!
Anyway thanks!
I do logos...have for thirty years or so. Did the brewer (tru-brew) Murphy, Billy Hamilton, and lots more.
Really love your site!
Mahalo & aloha, When in doubt...paddle out!
Paul David Cooper
SPINDRIFT Rich Reed worked in Hawaii in the 60's and 70's for Surfline Surfboards, and his glasser Robert Bob Haakenseon worked for Lightining Bolt in Hawaii., David Puu also worked for Spindrift.
Bill Fury shaped surfboards in the early 60's in Seal Beach, CA. He had also shaped for "Plastic Fantastic" Tony S
Pacific Plastics, These boards were popouts. They made the Tiki, Ten Toes, Shark, and Stingray's, the Stingrays are the rarest ones to find. Tiki Surfboards. A pop-out model made by Ventura Plastics in 1965 and sold for $69.95 by Sears and Roebuck. The original mold was possibly made by Tom Hale. More Info wanted!
SCOTT DILLON (AUS): As a graphic designer and Surf lover, I'm thrilled to look at your site! Well done, whens the book coming?? I saw a beat up board for sale and the logo only said "SD' I thought SO hard what it could be then found your site 2 weeks later and it was of course "SCOTT DILLON"!!!!!!! THE most collectable shaper out here!!! (Aus) Oh well... I design a lot of surf stuff and have a range of board graphics with MCTAVISH (.com) Heres some I did for ANDREW HARRIS in Tamarama (next beach from Bondi) I'll send you more as I find em (or do em) Cheers for now. Paul McNeil Logo Design (AUSTRALIA) 02 6685 5624 0405 625 058 www.paulmcneil.com
FLOYD SMITH Smith obtained the rights to produce Surfboards Australia in the U.S. in 1968 and built them right there in the Gordon & Smith surfboard factory in San Diego. Bobby Thomas was one of the head shapers at Gordon & Smith before taking over Challenger Surfboards from Bill Bahne in 1965 ( Challenger had been around since 1961 ). John Hannon was the second New York surfboard manufacturer and was an excellent shaper. circa 1964. Remember the 67-1 model or the Fast Eddie V-bottom ? Hannon Surfboards rocked.
Bob Hawkins
Masters in surfology
YATER SURFBOARDS yo .....got the low down on the lam (Laminate was direct printed on sanding coat and then glossed, very unusual)and the rest of the board by renny himself.....said he made only 8-10 of these flaired stringers at his first shop in santa barbara in 1960.....i got the board at the longboard grotto down san diego way (where i'm located).....they purchased it from someone who was using it for a rider who didn't know what he had.....thanks for your interest, byron
BUCK SURFBOARDS: I noticed you already have this logo but i'll send t along anyway i am looking for any info about them(Buck surfboards) i was hoping you could help.. mahalo from the east coast long island i'll see what others i can pass you way as i get info on stickers. thanks again yes buck surfboards was out of deerfield beach fla. but i'll continue on with my quest because even though i had no intention of selling originally the offers get sweeter all the time. which tells me someone knows somethin i dont .....alas i still need to get another daily rider such is my delemia... thank you again ken surfin60@verizon.net
LISARDI SURFBOARDS were produced in Los Angeles Calif, in 1964 and then in Hermosa Beach Calif. in 1966. An Ad for Lisardi surfboards can be seen in Surf Guide vol 2 no 10 and in Completion Surf vol 1 no 4.
CHALLENGER EASTERN Manufactured in 1960's in Neptune, NJ
SURFBOARDS by HAWK Hi, I have an old 9' 6" heavy glass, wooden fin, mahogany/spruce?/mahogany center stringer foam 60's vintage board with a "Surfboards by Hawk" logo (bird figure riding wave) and I cannot seem to find any information on when or where it may have been made. I plan on passing it down to my son and would really appreciate any information you can share about it.
Wally wvonarx@fowlerwhite.com

SURFBOARDS BY HAWK -Bob Hawkins "Hawk surfboards" He still shapes and sells his boards through Bunger Surfshop (Also an east coast shaper from the 60's) In Babylon, Long Island, New York and he still is the Mickey dora of the east coast. He shaped my board 11 years ago I designed the graphic it was his first board he shaped for someone other than himself for many years, he had lost the art work to his logo so there is only his signature and size on the board.
Jon Pellicoro jpellicoro@earthlink.net
CRESTWOOD surfboards made by W. I. GOLDKIND, info wanted
SURFBOARDS BY FREEMAN info wanted. Long story short, I just recently acquired a 9'4" vintage stick, pulled-in nose & tail like a big-wave gun, nice glassed-over laminated wood skeg, and the impression that it is an early 60s vintage longboard. The attached pictures show the board and the maker's logo ('Surfboards by Freeman'). After some fruitless inquiries to Bob Freeman of Cocoa Beach surfing fame, I was directed to SWAYLOCKS Surfboard Design Forum. They told me that this logo was illustrated on your site under the 'F' category, and so it is! I am hoping you know something about the maker of boards made by Freeman (who, where, etc.) and can share that information with me. Excellent website and great to prowl through. Keep up the excellent job researching and recording this aspect of surfing history. Hope something comes through on my "Surfboards by Freeman" logo (ID) query Greetins and Happy New Year.
Cheers, Chris Carey
COOPER Ahoy there just came across your site and was very impressed. i bought a cooper board the other day and shot the logo to find out who the shaper was. it was richie west, anyway i figured you could use it on your site as you seem to be short of a cooper logo.
garth robinson
Aloha-- have not been to your site in a long time and was stoked to see how it has evolved into a good historical surfing reference site.
ROBERTS SURFBOARDS - Bob Milner retired from City of Santa Monica Building Insptr about 5 years ago. He lives in the desert-Apple Valley and is loving it--I haven't spoken with him in a long time- He used to go to Teddy's Cafe in WLA Thur. nites-car nite -driving some of his restoration projects in progress--The last one was a 60's ford ranchero-
For those interested- The Collectors Club year end meet was Dec.4 2004 at Doheny and the guest of honor was Gordie- Also the Shapers Hall of Fame inducted  Carl Exstrom, shaper, inventer(wave machine), entrepenuer.  There for the meet and induction was Velzy, Tubesteak, Paul Strauch who was also given an award by the Greek, Mike Marshall, Flippy Hoffman, Dick Metz, Hobie and his son, and many others who contributed to the history and lore of the surf culture and industry--
On a sadder note, missing this year but never forgotten, was John Bower who passed away about a month before the meet--a wonderful man and friend---    

Cary Weiss  tothebu@earthlink.net
COLLIER SURFBOARDS - MATADOR SURFBOARDS - My father was the original shaper and owner of collier and matador surfboards. FRANK COLLIER was a fine wood worker and my Dad's partner in the beginning. We still use the name but don't have the boards made in house any more. Most of my fathers boards were built between 1962 -68 he was good friends with CHARLIE FOSS of FOSS FOAM so he had the right produce his labels also. Some east coast guys only wanted west coast boards in the 60's around here so he made COLLIER, MATADOR, INTERNATIONAL, CONTINENTAL, MANATEE, CURCIO, WAVEMASTER, PECKS BEACH, CHEETAH to name some off the top of my head. We have a large collection of all kinds of stuff so I have tons of info and obscure boards.

Michael Lisiewski
Brighton Beach Surf Shop / Atlantic Island Enterprises
8511 LB Blvd Long Beach Island   New Jersery 08008
Shop 609 492 0342     Cell 609 290 4590
www.BrightonBeachSurfShop.com  surfshopmike@juno.com
PLASTIC FANTASTIC SURFBOARDS - I am the former owner of Plastic Fantastic Surfboards in Huntington Beach from 1970 to about 1995 when some KOOK in Hermosa Beach registered OUR NAME and renewed a COPYRIGHT behind our back while I was raising a family. If you would like one of my old Plastic Fantastic stickers for your logo library please advise.

Robert Highsmith
The REAL OWNER owner of the legendary Surf Circus in Huntington Beach.


This morning I am taking my friend Chris to the airport for his sister's funeral. Her name is Barbara Dorsey. She designed the Plastic Fantastic logo. Anyway, he would apriciate it if you could credit her under the logo. In your website, Bob Hysmith, whom I knew in the 60's says "get in touch with him", for some stickers, but does not leave an address/phone no. Chris does want some copies. Please help us get in touch, and credit his sister, if you can Thank you. Styroepoxy@aol.com

FLAHERTY SURFBOARDS - It's great to see the Flaherty logo out there! There has been a lot of interest in our boards and memorabilia lately,especially connected with the main shop on Lincoln Blvd. in Venice across from Weber's shop...so much so that I've been encouraged to build more of my dad's boards.

Thanx,and peace. Jack Flaherty
FLAHERTY surfboards-est.'d  1958.

a shaper who has some interesting history. There are some rumours about him and his connection to the Da Cat model hehehe. Some interesting reading: L A Times July 5th 1995 page E1

Ernie Tanaka produced great surfboards during the 60's- 70's in the Van Nuys area. His shop was located on Oxnard St. Byron Stewart was one of his Team Riders, surely there were more. Info on who helped him or any other facts please email. Sadly Ernie passed away a few years ago in Hawaii.

Thanks for posting the "whatever happened to . . ." type information on valley surfboard manufacturers. I always wondered what happened to Dan Tarampi of Gunther Glass and now I know. In case anyone is interested, Cere Muscarella (Surfboards America, CME Surfboards) is minister of a Foresquare church somewhere in Texas. Greg Liddle lives in Kaui where he owns and rents vacation homes to visiting surfers. These guys, like every good surfer, know when to get in and when to get out. Chris Anderson cjandersonesq@bellsouth.net Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, Florida (formerly from Sepulveda and Van Nuys, California P.S. I still surf regularly, but only at our uncrowded, neighborhood beach where 50-year-old geezers like me can still have fun!

SOUTHLAND SURF I remember the coco mat flooring and all the beautiful longboards they used to sell. I also remember how Southland Surf really got nailed when the shortboard revolution hit: They bought a big inventory of really high-end longboards that became unsellable overnight. Ernie Tanaka sold some really high-quality boards in the North Hollywood area, as I recall. As an aside, have you ever stopped to reflect that San Fernando Valley was actually a very good place for surfers in the early 1970's? There were plenty of relatively high paying jobs, low housing costs. We finally had decent wetsuits and more manuverable surfboards. The 1960's surfing "fad" had passed and crowds actually decreased in some spots. We had speedy Ventura Freeway access to all the great, comparatively uncrowded north L.A., Ventura and Santa Barbara County point breaks. There were still enough waves to go around at the "premier" spots like County Line, C-Street, Stanley's, Tanks, Rincon, etc. that you and your buddies could have the lesser spots like Staircase, Solimar, Mondos, Pitas, Little Rincon, etc. all to yourselves! True, my present barrier island home of Atlantic Beach, Florida is blessed with tons of excellent, uncrowded surf. I'm a very luck guy to be living here and still doin' it after all these years. Nonetheless, there's nothing quite the same as a long, walled-up, peeling California point break wave! Keep lookin' 'round the bend! --Chris Anderson cjandersonesq@bellsouth.net

Seeking Dan Tarampi?
Does anyone know of Dan's whereabouts?
Mike Sheldon

Dan Trampi is alive and well , surfs malibu and most points north regularly-- He is a long time surf friend to me , steve stanley and doug ryan-the BU crew-- He also still makes some killer boards. Danny retired from the Postal Service a couple of years ago. He lives in Calabasas off Malilbu Cyn Rd.

Cary Weiss  tothebu@earthlink.net

and owner Lloyd Geist - California Foam manufactured surfboard blanks with son in law Rich Reed in the 1968. Lloyd was originally from Oklahoma. Lloyd died of a heart attack in the early 80's. Interesting old character. Being a supplier of foam, glass and resin many found their way to his Oxnard Blvd. factory in Reseda CA. At the height of production they produced 80 blanks a month selling from south bay to santa cruz. Rich sold out to Lloyd and movied to Hawaii. Eventually Lloyd phased out the blank manufacturing and the big molds sat idle. He continued to produce surfboards well into the 80's.


I originally started making fins in Puert Rico in 1971. I would spend winters in PR surfing and half the year in So Cal, LA and SD. When I worked at CF the shaper was Dennis MacDonald, we spent a lot of time surfing and talking design. It was 1973 & 74. Dennis moved to Hollywood by the sea after leaving CF around 1975.

I used to foil fins both fiberglass and wood laminate. Dennis & I came up with a great idea for fins. We used high density foam planks from Clark Foam and made foam and fiberglass fins that floated in the ocean as the old fins unlimited style fins weighed about 15 oz, almost a lb. These foam fins didn't add any extra tail weight better for lift.

I used to know all those guys Ernie Tanaka., Gunther Glass, Glen Kennedy, Greg Liddle etc. I made fins for them out of my garage. I also worked laminating for Con Colburn in Venice, I knew all those old guys from down there. I'm dredging up all these names I haven't thought up in years!    

I dont know if Lloyd ever surfed, He seemed to enjoy kids and got along well with everyone, I think he just liked to hang around younger people He was always good to me. He set up his sanding / polishing room specially as I made a few suggestions for better ventilation. Before The room would get so filled with white powder and sanding dust! After Lloyd rebuilt the room he put up a skiing poster as a joke that read "POWDER OT THE PEOPLE" Lloyd was a pretty cool old guy! Smoked too much though.

I remember Gaylord from County Line and Secos. He was a hot older Hawaiian guy with a "REPUTATION" but I never had any trouble with him. He hung with the Gunther Glass guys.GUNTHER GLASS was run by a guy named Danny, a latino? Dave Bartlett worked for GG. I met them through a neighbor I used to go surfing with who was quite a bit older than me, probably 12-15 yrs or so. His name was Bob Knight. I idolized these older guys, they really seemed to have it together and surfed well. Bob Knight would take me to Secos in his 59 Plymouth Wagon as I didn't have a Drivers License. I had a 10 ft Rick, Bob had a nice Gunther Glass.

Cere Moscerella who was also a member of "Southern Calif. Surf Club" (We had trunk patches, contests etc.) He Shaped and had a few surf shops, CME and OCEAN STRAND. Another guy I remember is Tim Phares, He went to CF to get his backyard shapes glassed, he was always hounding Lloyd for a job. Tim's shapes were pretty rough at the time but he improved rapidly and became a pro. That kid had alot of enthusiasm.

Mike Cloud


I don't remember Mike Cloud. I think that Rich Reed was already north when i started in '75 but was still shaping at night.  started sanding and polishing and did a little of everything as time passed. worked for a couple of years there then got on the fire dept. Bob Petty would come and lam, shape, sand, and show us all the old (and new) tricks. there was a laminater that lloyd called the "mad jap", he would flick resin on you if you got to close. i want to say his name was kenny but i'm not sure. my pal Rick Pharoah was doing some shaping there still.  lost track of lloyd after about 1980.

Gene Cooper
SURFBOARDS BY PHIL: Phil Sauers produced surfboads in the 60's from 1963 to 65' out of his shop in Downey California. A wake board was also marketed He provided surfboards to the movie studios for many movies including the Film "Ride the Wild Surf" starring Tab Hunter and Fabian. Phil Sauers "Surfboards by Phil" became known in the surf industry as the "Surfboards of the Stars". It got so bad in the industry with articles that lampooned Phil Sauers were published in Surfguide magazine in October 1964 and some later issues. Phil of Phil Surfboards took exception and consulted his lawyer in preperation to take action. Surfguide went out of business before litigation ensued.
Moselle Surfboards - manufactured surfboards in Culver City, California from approximately 1959 to 1963.
It always was rumored that Jeffrey Dale's were made by Dale Velzy, and Jeffrey never existed.

JEFFREY DALE - 1959-60's The Jeffrey Dale Factory was in Santa Ana CA off the Santa Ana Frwy. DALE VELZY shaped many boards in the factory. JEFF WILSON built a number of private label surfboards for other Surf Shops including Jack's and Wind n Sea in Huntington Beach. Jeff Wilson is now retired and lives in Florida.
VELZY POP OUT - A classic longboard from the early 60's. The VELZY Pop Out. The great Shaper DALE VELZY was approached by a company to sell surfboards through non traditional surf shops. SEARS, MONKEY WARDS, WESTERN AUTO (REMEMBER THEM?). Dale shaped the mold plug and designed the traditional laminated wood fins for the mass production process . The boards had a 3/4" redwood inlaid stringer (Stringer was not a solid piece of wood but two seperate strips on top and bottom, compromising strength but costing less to produce). They measured 9'8" X 21-3/4". they had unusual root beer color probably to cover the browning of the foam in the molding glassing process..

Terry Peek
60's Jeffrey Dale Surf Team Rider  
CANBERRA SURFBOARDS - When I was going to Bolsa with my friends to watch them surf, they were riding Canberra Surfboards. Made by Paul Banasky from Downey, California. His sister Susan Banasky entered local competition . I remember he would keep telling her to lose more weight for the new, smaller board he was making for her. This was around 1965-1968............when the train still ran through Bolsa. Scott Langstaff rode one of Paul's boards, and moved up to Ventura with it for his senior graduating year. Just alittle trivia for you to add to your collection

K Cadwell
FLAHERTY SURFBOARDS - I broke my back in '95,in the water during a big south. Scared me out of the water, and put a hell of a hurt on me too! I recovered pretty well,tho...I'm really thankful for that.I got back in the water last year and started learning to surf again, at the same time I got a job with Donald Takayama's shop working on a couple of t-shirt logos. It felt like I had been welcomed back into the ocean and the industry! I'd love the help with the laminates and stuff, and I'm really very honored to see the logo on the stickers! I'm really just building boards to honor my dad,he designed the original decal art as well. I'll dig up some original stuff and send it your way,I have some cool '50's/'60's surf stuff from the shop for ya'!

Thanks, again. J FLAHERTY surfboards-est.'d  1958.
JACOBS - Ever wonder why Hap Jacobs doesn't shape under his original Jacobs label? Hap no longer owns his original mark. The Jacobs mark has been owned by Wayne Rich since the 70's. Credit has to be given to Rich keeping the brand alive during the shorty era. Rich shapes out of Clyde Beatty's shop in Santa Barbara which by the way was the former location of Yater Surfboards.
BLUE CHEER - made late 60s eary 70s in santa monica ca. Jay Stone was one of the shapers with a few other guys.
PHIL KABO - Phil was a protege of Ernie Tanaka from the islands...moved to California during the surfing boom and made a handful of boards and went back.
Bob Milner's ROBERTS - The year I graduated from Westchester High in L.A.(1980), I knew a kid from printshop who told me his dad owned a surf shop in Playa Del Rey in the early '60s. It was Roberts Surf Shop, and the kid brought me a shop logo decal. I was stoked because I was a garage shaper myself and dreamed of someday running my own shop. Furthermore, it was nice to know that at some point PDR had a real surfshop; in the '70s & '80s we always had to drive south to Hermosa or north to Venice for surf supplies. I believe the kid's last name (and presumeably his dad's) was Milner. I know the kid lived in PDR ... Guy Middleton

Editor note: I had sort of a connection to Bob Milner too. Milner had lived for a time in the Sierras., in Lone Pine a small town on hwy 395 on the way to Mammoth. My Grandmother, mother and sister were born there. My mom and dad met and married there. In the late 40's my family relocated to LA. My first surfboard was a $50.00 2nd hand 2" balsa stringered Roberts wrapped with a bitchen candy apple comp stripe, the nose however was gone. I spent more money replacing that nose over and over than the board cost. In 67' my folks said if I got good grades, I'd get a new surfboard they know a guy who used to live in LP who makes boards in Playa Del Ray, and they gave him a call. Just up the street from Balona creek was the shop. The place was full of foam and sanding dust, all about the boards, no accessories clothes or anything like Greg Noll or Webers shops. My buddy convinced his folks to get him a new one too. I ordered a 10' Lance Carson pintail knock off, my buddy a Performer knock off. 4 weeks later we picked the boards up, $125.00 ea. In typical salesman style Bob said "Everybodys been drooling over that pintail boy!" Sitting on racks off in the corner were 8' paisley finned pintailed V bottoms. Bob kind of smerked, and said something like "yeah those crazy hippies" or something similar. We looked at them and laughed. 6 months later we tore the glass off those beautiful boards and re-shaped them into shorties. I regret it to this day. My folks saw Bob at a LP town reunion and Bob asked "How'd those boards work out?". My Dad told him what we had done and he replied "I saw that coming!". Thanks for the recollection, I wish I had the opportunity to meet the younger Milner. MR

From Lance Bertelsen in Texas: Bob Milner's ROBERTS continued...

I just bought a 1966 Roberts Noserider, 9'10", that looks like a cross between a Weber Performer, Bing Nuuhiwa, and Con Ugly--got it from a guy down in Galveston, but discovered from your site that Roberts was a Playa del Rey shop, which is cool, because I used to surf there now and then between 1961-66. Never knew about Roberts, but that's because basically I was a Manhattan-Hermosa person (lived in Hawthorne, surfed 26th Manhattan) and rode Jacobs. Anyway, I do remember some bitchin days when it would break small but perfect inside Ballona Creek; and I also remember some hamburger stand, right where the coast road turned
right at the end if the cliffs and headed off into the wetlands. Back in 1966 they started putting up photos from Nam sent by the locals who were over there--that was really the first time the whole deal seemed real to me, until all my Hawthorne friends got drafted in the Fall of '66. I wish somebody could tell me the name of that hamburger place. In fact, somebody needs to write a short history of Playa del Rey surfing in the 60s with all that stuff: did the beach have a name? was
it called "toes over" or something? All very fuzzy. Anyway, thought I'd shoot you some pics of the board and a close up of the logo for your collection. Rock on,

Austin, TX

Ed Note: Jim Sternadel R.I.P. aka MR. BOX attended Loyola in the 60's, you probably surfed with him. He rode all the spots mentioned including "D&W"s, El Porto etc.

Geoff Cater SURFRESEARCH.COM comments:

I am a long way from attempting any detailed work on decal design, however some basic comments are at. surfresearch - appendix - glossary - D - scroll down to Decals/stickers  The text reads... Decal / sticker
usually a graphic logo or text indicating the manufacturer printed on rice paper and laminated onto the blank.
Decal is the preferred term. In pre-factoy production times riders would often decorate their boards with paint, often a name in decorative script, cartoon character or club logo. In Australia the Surf Life Saving Club ‘Reel’ logo was popular. First production logo credited to Outrigger Canoe Club (Hawaii) circa 1935  –paddle graphic over “O” branded into solid wood boards. Image 1. 
Other variations included
 - metal medallion fixed by screws (circa 1940 – Tom Blake, (Hawaii),
 - laminated business card (circa 1947 x, USA),
 - external metal foil adhesive sticker (1960 Gordon Woods, Australia). Example : Image 2.
First rice paper decals possibly by Velzy-Jacobs (USA) circa 1955, first used in Australia by Scott Dillon circa 1958.
The Hobie decal, circa 1956, set a precedent in design, the highly stylized script  and framing. Image 3.
In Australia, Keyo was one of the manufacturers that adapted the theme. Image 4.
Professional surfing in the 1980’s saw a preference for clear boards and prominent positioning of sponsor’s decals.
(Images 1 - 4 are not included here).
The images used for Stanley's site are from the Manufactures/Shapers Index, and some link to catalogue entries, specifically...

Age Surfboards  1969 #42
Aloha Surfboards -red  1982 #33
Barry Taylor Surfboards - star  1973 #83
Barry Taylor Surfboards - black text  1973 #90
Hand shaped by Bob McTavish  1980 #23
Bronzed Aussies - flag/wave 1978 #84
Col Smith Channel 1979 #64
Barry Bennet decals (in fact not really decals but scans of stickers) links to a Manufacturers entry for Barry Bennett Surfboards at...  surfresearch - catalogue - menu options - manufacturers/shapers index - B - scroll down.
In most cases the images have been/will be updated with larger scans.
Please note :
- surfresearch.com.au has no commerical content, I am not selling anything.
- I make extensive use of historical material (text and images) and make considerable effort to acknowledge all sources.
- in most cases, the board/fin/decal images in the catalogue entries are mine. Exceptions are credited.

Chad Baker
<ChadB@Nasland.com> for sending Albers Bros Surfboards logo

Mike Hague
<hsurfboards@mchsi.com> cool site, attached is my logo.HAGUE SURFBOARDS. thanks....mike hague

Louis J Donnangelo
<pvnotme@juno.com> for sending Harbour San-O logo

Eli Roe <eliroe@sbcglobal.net> for sending his Strive Surfboards logo

Eric Sandoval
<Eric@chubbysurf.com> for sending Grasslands - Tom Overlin logo
Chubby Surf

Michael Gerety
<mkg13@bellsouth.net> for sending PSYCHO Surfboards logo

Stephen Aguilar
<stephensdesk@yahoo.com> for sending MYSTIC INTERNATIONAL SURFBOARDS shaped by GERSON

David Lawless
<davidvanlawless@hotmail.com> for sending TOM NEILSON Surfboards logo

William D. Ellis Jr. <billellis@hotmail.com> for sending EL GUAPO logo http://www.elguaposurfboards.com/

Steve Andrews
Australia stevay2208@yahoo.com.au for sending SPACED OUT SURFBOARDS Logo

Vivamayoart@aol.com for sending Hawk Surfboards Logo

John "Woody" Wood
, Encinitas jwood@wfdecor.com for sending Woody's Custom Hot Rod Logo

Aaron Croxford, Keaau HI croxford@hawaii.edu for sending old Channel Islands Logo

Steve Armstrong for sending Kim Hickman Surfboard Logo

John Papas panamasurfman@yahoo.com for sending his J & J Surfboard Logo

Tom Parrish tlp@shaka.com for sending his Parrish Designs Logos

John blueridge_surfboards@hotmail.com for sending Blue Ridge Surfboards Logos.

woodsy@clara.co.uk for sending '73 -'75 G&S fish logo

Gordon Smith , Smith2006@comcast.net for sending "Bob Miller, Sparky and SC Longboard Union logos.

Much thanks to Santa Barbara's Roger Dahlen for sending pics of some very rare, seldom seen 60's surfboard logos. "Ben Ray", "Acme", "Shaw", "Fuhrmann", "Balsa Flight", "Corky" just to name a few.

Tony S.
thanks for sending Bill Fury logo

Bobby Challenger Thomas
shaper of Challenger Surfboards. for emailing his drivers license. If you ever wondered, His middle name really is Challenger!

Chris "Woody" Arballo Owner/Shaper for emailing his Ten Over and Christian logos

Doug Davis for emailing "Glassy Conditions" Los Osos logos

Eric Streufert for emailing S-Turn Surfboard logos


Cary Weiss
info that would be lost without guys like him.

Warren Garber
for emailing Surfboard Logos.

Stan Irvin for sending his logo.

Len for sending Phil Kabo logo

Ted Missildine for sending Jacobs transition logo

Garth Robinson from j-bay sending COOPER SA logo

Michael Lisiewski
Brighton Beach Surf shop  / Atlantic Island Enterprises
8511 Long Beach Blvd
Brighton Beach  NJ 08008
609 492 0342
cell 609 290 4590
for sending his Dad's old logos COLLIER, MATADOR, PECKS BEACH, WAVE MASTER. Check out Michael's site for great collectible deals.


Any info on Hendrickson Surfboards- bolinas, ca, HO Custom Surfboards, RICHMARK of Calif Custom Surfboards wanted


Looking for pics of COLLETA Surfboard logo.


My name is Mike Pearl and I am trying to find anyone who did surf art in the 60's and 70's, especially those who drew for OP. I have a project going on that could use some "authentic (not newly done attempts to copy the look) surf art" Any help you can give me will be appreciated.
Thanks! Mike

Please email any Surfboard Logos or info you want to see here! surfcrazy




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