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Ventura's Jim Allen (Downhome & UpCountry Surfboards) learned his craft from one of the all time best Mike Diffenderfer. Honing his skills in Hawaii shaping foam and balsa guns he continues shaping some of the best guns and longboards in the Santa Barbara, Ventura Counties. Old or New School Jim's got it dialed. Shorties are not his main gig, below are pictures of the man himself in action hand carving a Fish.
Template cut
Master eyeballs
Setting the depth
Carving the Sushi
Charging the top
Riding the rails
Reeling it in
Massaging the gills
Seeing with the hands
Readying for new scales
No bones
Ready for new scales
ED NOTE: My compliments to the photo documentation of the master craftsman in action, the photos were sent to my wife so I dont know the photographer, as soon as i find out, photo credit will be added.

Aloha my friend. After all these year's i just saw the bio on me from your page. So cool. Thank you for the support all these year's. The pic's are from Dru Magill. I think that's the spelling. The fish was one i was shaping for him.

These are my new lam's. JAclasics, newlife, blackcat, and The old JA. The board is one im donating to UCLA transplant center, with the newlife lam. Please stay in touch. JA

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